Welcome Inside The Brain – ‘Celebrate The Depression’ – New Album!

‘Celebrate The Depression’ is the first album of the young band ‘Welcome Inside The Brain’ from Leipzig/Germany. The sound is very diversified with elements of psychedelic rock, progressive rock and long of improvisations.

The band describes the album as a mirror of post modern times, full of contradictions and hints. You are taken on a long journey with feelings like joy, fear, hope, and desperation. There are

some freaky parts in it that happened in very special moments of the recording process. Also
, there are many parts checked in detail in a long run.

The band was founded in 2015 in Leipzig, in it’s young and wild music scene. The members knew each other for a long time and had already several common projects before. They released the EP ‘Welcome Inside The Brain’ in the same year. 500 copies were sold out very quickly and so the band became a well-known secret in the eastern part of Germany.

They played ecstatic concerts in rough clubs and in this way, they came in contact with Nasoni Records.

In autumn 2016 a dream came true for the band – they supported ‘Banned from Utopia’, the original band of Frank Zappa. A new audience came in touch with ‘Welcome Inside The Brain’ and the crowd was hungry for more.

In spring 2017 the band had a tour in France. Back home, they played as support act for the krautrock legend ‘Birth Control’ and they had a slot on the oldest German festival ‘Burg Herzberg’, where they had a real wild show, full of improvisation and sickness.

In autumn they produced their first video for the song ‘Snails On Speed/Buddha In A Bottle’ and after some shows together with Siena Root, they released their first album ‘Celebrate The Depression’ on Nasoni Records.

CD Tracklisting:
1) Celebrate The Depression
2) Snails On Speed/Buddha In A Bottle
3) Welcome Inside The Brain
4) Ugly Beauty
5) Revolution
6) Tears Of The Past

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