VARNA MEGA ROCK FESTIVAL (18-19 August 2018)!

One can never have too much of a good thing… The weekend 18 – 19 of August was very special for us at Rock Arena as we visited along with an amazing crowd of a few thousand the Varna Mega Rock festival.

The festival took place for the first time and was set up at the port of Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria. We traveled whopping 275 miles and crossed the country from Sofia to the northern coast. During our travel, we caught a glimpse of the beautiful Bulgarian landscape with lush green hills and vast colorful plains all the way to the sunny and warm Black Sea. The long journey made the whole experience even more exciting.

Varna Mega rock’s lineup was more than impressive and promising two nights of unforgettable music. Headliners were the timeless Glen Hughes (ex-Deep Purple and Black Sabbath), performing with the Bulgarian band BTR and the out-of-this-world Nightwish.

Other amazing bands were Kamelot, Apocalyptica, Krossfire, Kikimora, Konkurent, Bendita.

Needless to say, Glen with his vocals wowed the crowd and proved that music is indeed ageless. He had both – crowd and the other bands mesmerised in front of the stage consuming every single note he gifted us with.

Nightwish were other special treat much anticipated from everyone. Their inspiring romantic chords intertwined with guitar riffs, amazing vocals together with the ancient sounds of worlds long forgotten were an experience to cherish and talk about.











Another band worth mentioning was Kamelot. I personally hadn’t heart them live before this festival and would definitely say that I have missed out!

Apocalyptica – Oh my Goodness!! Everyone with a decent appreciation of music would know that you can never go wrong the strings but these guys… I have seen them before and was prepared for what’s to come and yet they still managed to blow me away with the blast of those monster cellos backed by a set of drums. I guess that’s a sign of someone becoming a fan…

We did manage to briefly speak with the guys from Apocalyptica who were very kind to share with us that they shall start working on their next album which we really can’t wait to hear! They were asking for ideas and I personally would love to hear more sounds like their Cult album… The band has definitely come a long way and now with their joined forces with Franky Perry, their permanent vocalist we can expect some really breathtaking work…

Last but not least we were very happy that we managed to have a proper chat with the guys from Krossfire! One steadily forthcoming band from Bulgaria with solid vocals and a classical good heavy sound. Truly enjoying themselves on stage they charged the atmosphere with the great metal vibe! Read our full interview to find out more about Krossfire and what they are up to.

Our final words… going to festivals in Bulgaria is great fun. You get to see new places, great people, and amazing sceneries. They still have some catching up to do in terms of organisation but the atmosphere is great and reminds a lot of the charming good old time of heavy metal!

Rock on!! \m/

Written by Viktoriya Mancheva

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Editor: Toni Rock
Reporter: Viktoriya Mancheva
Photographer: Steve Smith