TEMPLE VELOCITY EP – “Murder Of Crows”!

tThis EP is a collection of personal experiences that washed over them…good and bad. Part of a bigger puzzle called “life” and each song is like a small window, little postcard frozen in time, photo of music captured in the moment…

This EP is Temple’s first official release and this is emotional journey from the childhood until now…

6 songs:  Emotion Distortion, .Alice,  Giving Up,  I Can’t Hear The Whisper In The Rain,  I Will Fight For You, Wicked Games.

“Emotion Distortion” – is a trip into the dark world of insecurities…everyday reality and fear of social interactions…


“Alice”- is a cry out to all the people who fought the battle with their demons and lost their

life as a consequence. It’s a song about real person who once were full of life and ready to

take the world…who vanished in the hazy world of drug abuse that led to premature death.

“Giving Up” – is a song about sacrifice, about passion…song about a lover long gone with

memories still alive with every single breath you take…modern day Romeo & Juliet.

“I Can’t Hear The Whisper In The Rain” – fear of love, fear of being hurt…it’s a song which

depict refusal as better option than giving in to emotional exertion….

“I Will Fight For You” – two people… suspicions, uncertainty, hope for better tomorrow…

“Wicked Games” – start of a beautiful relationship that turned sour… the fear of realisation

the that the person you’re with is not the one you expected it to be…desperate try to keep

the spark alive but once the bubble’s busted there’s no way back…

Definitely check it out, check it inside-out, because there is more to it than meets the ear!







Editor: Toni Rock