Raxola – ‘Guts Out’ – New Album!

Raxola was born with two original sins: already having a music background by the time punk came along, and being middle class. Yet in January 1978, Raxola released an album that 20 years later would become one of Belgium’s most expensive collectors’ items at $450.

And battered, bruised yet proud, the band has come full circle with an explosive new album, “Guts Out”. Raw R’n’R, that is still socially and politically concerned – with a Billy Bragg cover as a tribute to worker’s fate.

Raxola’s members all came from mid 70s groups that cut their teeth on the punishing pub and club scene. In 1975, Yke was hanging out in London clubs watching the likes of Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods and a young Elvis Costello. Pub rock morphed into three chords, a leather jacket, spiky hair and “one two three four” – let’s go.

Back in Brussels, he ran into Brian James, the future punk icon. Together as part of Bastard, they stunned Brussels by playing louder than anyone had ever done before them. When James left for England to join the London SS, Yke carried on regardless as Raxola.

In three days a first album was recorded and mixed. OK, the sound is appalling. The engineers had never recorded a fuzz guitar in their lives. Yke sang and played at the same time. Yep, live.

Raxola opened for The Jam’s tour in February 1978 and toured with Antwerp punks The Kids. Yke then went back to London, where The Damned had exploded. He went with them for a few gigs, drove their van and performed as an opening act.

In 1999, compilations featuring Raxola, “Bloodstains Across Belgium” and “Bloody Belgium”, became favourites with Japanese collectors. Using 3 vinyl copies, Yke recreated a master of the 1978 album and produced 500 CDs. At the end of the day, 4,000 albums were sold in Japan alone. In New York, Radio Heartbeat released the original vinyl, quickly selling 500 copies.

Bouncing back, Yke cut a single under the supervision of Brian James, went back on the road in England with a new line-up and recorded a live album.

Recently, he decided the time was right to get back into the studio with a new band and new original material. Belgian guitarist and producer Thierry Plas enabled them to get everything down as a coherent selection of 10 tracks. The title, “Guts Out”, tells you everything you need to know about it!

Band Line-Up:
Yke Raxola (vocals & Guitar)
Phil Bertran (guitar & backing vocals)
Fab Giacinto (bass)
Lucas Lepori (drums)

CD Tracklisting:
1. Son Of A Bitch
2. Paranoïzed
3. Waiting For WW3
4. Come Back Shoes
5. Rolling Son
6. I Wanna Be An Angel
7. The Idiot
8. Back On Wild
9. Stakhanovist Punk
10. Between The Wars

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