Liverbox – ”Rock ‘n’ Roll Salvation” – New Album!

Liverbox is a rock band from Oulu, Finland. The band was formed in 2014 and since then the guys have been playing here and there all over Finland. Debut EP, simply called Liverbox was released in Finland 13.11.2015. EP was received very well by the critics in Finnish media rocking out 4/5 reviews in almost every review.

During 2016 band entered the studio to record their debut album. Name for this album project was “Rock & Roll Salvation”. The plan was to make an album, the way our heroes (Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses etc), used to make albums, in other words: we tried to capture how the band sounds live.

Under the production guidance of Mr. Kari Vähäkuopus (his engineer/producer credits include metal bands like Catamenia, Poisonblack & Burning Point) we think we achieved that Whether it’s the catchy chorus of Falling apart, hard grooves Blackbird ´72, the sheer pop elegance of Saviour of Rock ‘n’ Roll or the dark majestic vibe of Everlasting fire band delivers their brand of hard rock with attitude that you simply can’t resist.

August 2017 band signed a contract with a German label Rock it up records and the album was released 1st of June 2018. The band has played all around Finland and the next step is to take this runaway rock ‘n’ roll train to the eyes and ears of rest of the world.

Band Line-up:
Ilkka Järvenpää – vocals
J. Aslak Räsänen – guitar/backing vocals
Tero Nevala – bass/backing vocals
Ozzi the Rose – drums/backing vocals

Track Listing:
1. Falling Apart
2. Blackbird ’72
3. Now Or Never
4. Sick Love
5. Let’s Go (All The Way)
6. Shuffles It All
7. Saviour Of Rock & Roll
8. Wet & Wild
9. Sweet Sister Of Salvation
10. Everlasting Fire

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