Interview With Street Punk Icons Booze & Glory!

Booze&Glory is a Punk band based in London, formed in July 2009 by Mark, Liam, Bart and Mario. A few months later they recorded their first demo – later released as a debut LP. With 3 full-length albums, many EPs and a few popular videos (one of them reached over 10.000.000 views on YouTube) Booze&Glory suffer no curiosity towards anything but their tried and true brand of widely recognised Street Punk.

The band has gone from strength to strength playing shows all over Europe, toured USA, South America and Asia. Booze&Glory appeared on many festivals all over the world like Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas, Black’n’Blue Bowl in NY, Rebellion Festival in the UK or With Full Force in Germany just to name a few.

In 2017 the band’s new long-awaited album “Chapter IV” has been released on Burning Herat Records and the band has toured the world playing 100 shows on 4 continents. Last month (March 28, 2018) Booze&Glory walked away with an award at the Inaugural Vive Le Rock Awards, which took place at the O2 Academy, Islington in London.

We’d like to bring to your attention this interview with Mark Rsk – lead vocalist of Booze & Glory! The following interview is taken exclusively for Rock Arena. Enjoy it!


– Hello, Guys and welcome to Rock Arena! How are you feeling today? Nearly 10 years into the band’s career… Have you already found what you you’re searching for or have you only stepped in the beginning of the path?

♦Mark: Hey hello! Feeling great, it’s been very busy here at Booze & Glory HQ recently!  If we found what we’ve been searching for? – It’s a pretty difficult question to be honest. Lots of good things are happening at the moment but with every goal achieved we are hungry for more!  Last year was amazing, but this year is already looking better!  We just confirmed our first tour in Australia! So I would say it is the beginning of the path!

 – Booze & Glory is an international band comprising of four members from completely different countries and cultural backgrounds, does it makes things difficult? How did you all meet?

♦Mark: No, not at all. Actually, the fact that we are coming from different countries make things more interesting. Traveling around the world, cooking dinners or writing music – it’s so much fun and those background differences make it more unique.

– Your genre has been described as street punk, define street punk? Who are the musical role models of Booze & Glory and what led you to Oi!? What is the most emblematic feature of the Punk Oi! scene for you?

♦Mark: Oi!, Street Punk or Punk it does not really matter for us how you want to call it. The fact is we started nearly 10 years ago as an Oi! band, but over the years our music evolved, the line-up has changed few times, we can’t really call ourselves the same band as we were before. Also, our music influences change all the time and I really don’t want to be tagged as this or that anymore. We want to be free to write and play whatever we want and we don’t care if this song is “Oi!” or not anymore. If it’s a good song then that’s good for us. We just do what we love, writing about everyday life struggles and touring the world. Nothing more nothing less.

– Tell us more about the band’s latest album, ‘Chapter IV’ (2017), what is coded in the album’s name and what was the concept behind this release? How has the band grown since the previous release?

♦Mark: Chapter IV is the most important album in the band’s history. And it’s not only because it’s the latest one. This record tells you almost everything about us and people like us. These songs are our life stories of the last couple years; they tell you that even if you’re at the lowest point of your life – giving up is not an option. They tell you that you must keep moving forward and only look behind to see how far you have come. During writing this album I was diagnosed with cancer – and by the time it has been released I was cancer free – on the road with the guys having the best time of my life.

– Liam Marr left the band and been replaced by Kahan… Tell us the story behind the change in line-up? How did you go about recruiting the new members in the band?

♦Mark: There’s a lot of stories behind line-up changes. It happens when you tour as much as we do. To be in full time touring band you sacrifice everything – your steady life, family, home, friends… It’s not for everyone. Liam lost the interest of playing that much after we played 100 shows in 2017. He wanted to settle in with his girlfriend, sleep in his own bed and be close to his family. He left after the last show in December last year. This wasn’t easy for the band but the show must go on, and today Booze & Glory is stronger than ever. I know Kahan for many years. He’s an amazing guitarist and super cool guy. I’m so happy he joined the band and looking forward to writing some new tunes with him.

– Boozy&Glory has been successful with Burning Heart Records… what was the reason to left them? Would you be your own producer one day?

♦Mark: We terminated the contract with Burning Heart Records at the beginning of February. I’m not into playing any “blame game” so I will just say – it did not work out as good as I was expecting. That’s it. At the moment we are in talks to a couple good labels, but I’m also seriously considering the option of forming our own label. So really undecided yet.








– How it’s changed the UK Punk Oi! scene since you were first introduced to the scene? What are your favorite UK Punk Oi! bands?

♦Mark: UK punk scene has changed a lot in the last few years. There’s many interesting new bands at the moment so it’s all going in a good direction. It’s great to see young bands like Gimp Fist selling out venues today, as I was always under impression that people in the UK only want to see the bands from the 70s…But luckily this is not the case.  As for all-time favourite it’s not a secret that I’m a big Cock Sparrer fan and love all their albums. However there’s many UK bands I like and listen – the list is pretty long and I really like to see bands like The Spitfires, Arch Rivals, Dirt Box Disco, Knock Off or Grade 2 grow all the time. Fair play to them!












– Do you work on some other projects? What are you most looking forward to about this year? Where can everyone get your music?

♦Mark: We recently released the EP with 3 reggae versions of Booze & Glory songs – Booze & Glory, Vespa & The Londonians. I didn’t expect such a good response to this release. It was a great fun to work on it, but it took us forever to finish it due to amount of shows we played last year. 2018 will also be very busy for us as we have many shows booked but for sure we will record some new stuff to be ready for our 10 year anniversary in 2019. Currently checking some studios and talking to couple producers.

– You’re going to be touring the USA, Canada and Australia, tell us more about it… What more should we expect from the band?

♦Mark: Next month we are going to the East Coast US and Canada for 10 shows with Antagonizers (Atlanta) and we started working on another West Coast tour in the late fall / early winter. Australia and Asia are planned for September / October. We are super excited about Australia because it will be our first time there. We also have many great festivals booked in Europe this summer!

– Thank you for taking the time out for this interview!
♦Mark: Thank you!

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Interviewed by Toni Rock