Interview with Naked Six – New Two-Piece Rock/Grunge Band!

Naked Six are an exciting new two-piece band based in York that brings a unique blend of alternative rock, grunge, schizoid blues, fused together with a post-punk attitude. With powerhouse songs and compelling lyrics, they’ve already earned support from BBC Introducing, Northern Radar, and Tony Visconti’s Unsigned Heroes before even releasing the first single, ‘Can’t Trust The News’.

Naked Six are: Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards – Seb Byford, Drums – Tom Witts

Delivering high octane, contemporary edged rock, Naked Six’s electrifying live performances to date have seen the band making a name for themselves and firing up audiences with their powerful songs and compelling lyrics.

Currently touring with The Temperance Movement on their sold out UK tour this November, Naked Six are carving a deep groove and earning their stripes as new torchbearers of the British modern rock scene. The duo’s latest single, ‘Broken Fairytale’, is now available to stream and buy.


We’d like to bring to your attention this interview with Naked Six!


– Hello, Guys and welcome to Rock Arena! How are you feeling today? You are special guests on The Temperance Movement’s sold out UK tour, how have your live shows been?

NAKED SIX: Hey, yeah we’re very well thanks, the shows have been going great so far, we‘re getting a good response from the crowds as well so yeah we couldn’t be happier really.

– ‘Naked Six’ sounds really attractive but is there any hidden ‘message’…or involved in any way in this arcane story of band name genesis? The band was formed in 2015, how everything started?

NAKED SIX: We met in school in North Yorkshire when were around 13 and have been best mates since Seb was in a band previously in school then they split, so we decided one day to have a jam and haven’t really looked back since. The band name, unfortunately, doesn’t contain some raucous crazy story… I believe Seb just found it in the paper one day, we were banging our heads together for ages thinking of loads of names and Naked Six just kinda stuck, we both go from loving it to hating it but I think it stands out. The only problem is everyone assumes there’s gonna be 6 nudists jamming out on stage, unfortunately not folks.

– You are a duo now, but the overall sound of the band is a total sonic vortex! Have you ever considered adding a third new band member to the line-up?

NAKED SIX: We did think about it, but at the moment we’re really enjoying the way things are going as a two-piece, it’s quite fun just experimenting with different sounds and amps trying to find some huge meaty tone.











– “Alternative rock/grunge/schizoid blues with the punk attitude of the 70s”… Would you change your sound as a band in the future?

NAKED SIX: We play our own twist on grungy rock with a punk attitude… it’s always hard when people ask you to pinpoint your sound but we think we’ve got something new and exciting, we’re bringing a new style of rock. When it comes to our gigs… it’s just a whole mash-up of energy, sweat, and fuzz. At the moment we’re purely focused on doing our own thing. It’s impossible to predict the future with our sound, who knows I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But I think naturally every band’s sound changes slightly over time, it comes with age, you move on, experience different things and feelings, therefore, your writing will change with it.

– What’s the best part of  music making process to you – is it the songwriting, recording songs and videos, playing live show?

NAKED SIX: Everything really… jamming out in the studio is a lot of fun but playing live shows is where we get our real kick. Obviously, we love recording and jamming in the studio but playing live is something else, it’s our release.

– Tell us more about your brand new single ‘Can’t Trust the News’, what’s the story there?

Seb Byford: ‘Can’t Trust the News’ is about how we feel newspapers and online articles portray things in a certain way to manipulate the people into thinking it’s all true. People will believe whatever they read and I just feel sometimes it’s not always the truth. I don’t tend to bother much with politics as I feel it’s a never-ending game but the least I can do is voice my opinion and the way I feel, I believe this is the generation where we can use our voices through music to bring a change to things, underground music is thriving right now, you can feel it in the air.


– How’s your work ethic in the studio, who writes the lyrics, and the music? How do you select the titles of your songs?

NAKED SIX: Seb comes up with melodies, lyrics, and chords etc., and we jam them out in the studio and form a structure, we then just keep rehearsing them until we think they’re gig worthy. The titles usually come from the lyrics I guess or Seb will write the lyrics around a title or topic we like.

– Seb, how did you start with music, have you had any previous projects? Who influenced you most in your style and who would you like to play with someday? Would you be your own producer one day?

Seb Byford: I started playing drums when I was about 11-12 years old, I lived in France for 7 years and was in a band with a few older guys and my sister, she played bass and I was on the kit. We played covers, stuff like Nirvana, Green Day, Foo Fighters etc. it was a good laugh. I guess seeing my Dad (Biff Byford) on stage from a young age has really inspired and influenced me to do the same, music’s always been my passion. I’m not sure really, I don’t really have anyone in mind, I’m happy to play with anyone as long as there’s a good vibe. Definitely yes, I love the whole production side of music as well playing so yeah I’d love to produce our tracks myself further down the line and even maybe do some work with other bands.

– I’m a big Saxon fan, you singing the backing vocals of their songs ‘Queen of hearts’ and ‘Stand your ground’, I’m a curious how does your father (Biff Byford) feel about your musical ventures in a different band and different style? What is the best advice you’ve received from him as a musician?

Seb Byford: Yeah, that was a good laugh, it was great being in the studio with my Dad, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. He’s happy with it all, he’s given me some good advice and wisdom along the way, the one thing he’s always told me is to always stick to your guns and not care what other people think, to be your own man and to be humble, if you want it you need to work hard for it.








– Why do you think music styles in Rock and Metal were being born naturally in the past, let’s say during the 70’s – 80’s, and today the music soil seems to have lost its’ fertility?

Seb Byford: I guess there was more of a fire in the air back then, it hadn’t been done before so bands started playing this new sound, it really blew up and just created this massive rock/metal scene. The 70’s and 80’s were brilliant for record sales as well, we love the concept of hearing of a band you like and running down to the nearest record store, buying the album to then run back home in excitement and give it a spin, whereas today you can listen to it on online platforms like Spotify, iTunes which is very useful for getting your music out there but you miss out on having the actual album in your possession, I personally like having something in physical form, so a vinyl release is something we’re definitely hoping to do in the near future.

– What more should we expect from Naked Six in the nearest future? What’s the main target for the band today… Is it the live performances, the recordings of new songs/videos, or something else? Where can everyone get your music?

NAKED SIX: All of it I guess, our plan is to keep pounding as many gigs as we can and to spend as much time as we can in the studio. We will be putting an EP out sometime next year…(hopefully vinyl) and a debut album after that at some point. At the moment we have released 2 singles on Spotify and iTunes and we have another single coming out on the 8th December, keep your eyes peeled, there’s some exciting things coming on the near horizon.

– Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview! Final words…?

NAKED SIX: Thank you, it’s been our pleasure! Keep rocking, keep grooving!

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Interviewed by Toni Rock