Interview with Lord Ragnar Wagner of The Heretic Order! All Hail The Order!

thoThe Heretic Order is a London, England classic metal band inspired by the likes of metal beasts like Mercyful Fate, Dio, Black Sabbath and Angel Witch with pagan and satanic philosophies thrown in good measure, predicating good humour peace and love to all.

The band was born in the year of the beast 2014 in gloomy London, Breed 77 member, guitarist Danny Felice aka lord Ragnar Wagner started composing classic heavy metal songs inspired by his long love of classic 80s metal and his obsession with 1970s Hammer house of horror movies back in 2013.

With a vision of taking to the stage an ultimate classic Heavy metal band that would incorporate theatrics with a powerful combination of searing riffs with blistering solos, a metal Steel panther for the true metal audience to revive a genre lost in time and have a hell of a time .

Experienced musicians where needed, bring forth former ex- breed bassist Stuart Cavilla aka Rotted Skull to the fold, first to join the Order followed by Ernie Nogara ex-Savage Messiah on drums and completing the line-up axe slinger Marcel from Brit metallers Affluenza, thus THE Order was born .

Their debut album, All Hail the Order (2015) provides us with a solid collection of dominant melodies. One brilliant mixture of nasty Rock ‘N’ Roll and Heavy Metal, garnished with killer riffs, catchy solo parts and great vocals. They have shared stage already wit big acts as Angel Witch, Candelmass, Saxon, Amon Amarth, Diamond Head… The Heretic Order is the kind of band the more you know about the more you wanna ask…So let’s ask frontman Lord Ragnar Wagner about a few things we’d like to know.

Danny Felice– Hello, and welcome to Rock Arena! Last week The Heretic Order played at Bloodstock Festival, how has the live show been there?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: It was an amazing experience and it puts The Heretic Order firmly in the metal UK map. The reviews have been amazing we are evilly happy! haha

– In 2014 you gave life to The Heretic Order, but before that, you were a member of Breed 77, which is the band that made you feel ‘like home’?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Well, THO it’s a project I had been wanting to do for years, musically and lyrically, the whole essence of the idea. I just started a new musical journey. With Breed 77 we decided to have a hiatus, just shelf the band for the foreseeable future. On feeling at ‘home’ I always put 150% into any musical project I am involved. At the moment The Heretic Order is my only musical purpose in life.

– Is there any special meaning behind the name “The Heretic Order”?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: We are many, we are Legion! 🙂 The name says it all. We dispel the lies of organised religions, so that is the essence of being a true Heretic – someone who believes or teaches something that goes against accepted or official beliefs.

– ‘Lord Ragnar Wagnar’…What meaning have you coded between the lines?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Ragnar it’s the all-conquering Viking warrior giving no mercy to its enemies. Wagner, the famous German musical composer loved dark and melancholy tunes. Just imagine those two souls in one body. The Lord of Darkness.

– ‘All Hail the Order’ is the debut album of the band, what’s the story behind it?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Spirits from other side gave me the tunes and a message in a dream… There’s no wrong or right, there’s no good or evil, life should mirror nature, cruel and beautiful. Go and live it before it’s too late, do what though wilt.

400x400– You write about ‘dark themes’ in your songs, what influences your writing and ideas?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Life and history influence my writing. In truth, I also love horror, occult, religion and the paranormal. So mix all that and you get THO. I am just a storyteller.

– Tell us more about ‘Death Ride Blues’, who wrote the script, who directed the video and where was it shot?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Actually I wrote the script of the video, Emma Dark and Merlyn Roberts did the directing and filming and also they came with ideas. The lovely satanic nymphs Strega, Ria Fiend and Dave the beast Bonney gave life to the story. Everything was shot in the Oxford-shire countryside, Hammer House of Horror influence.

– When you compose a song how does a song evolve? Are you considering working with a certain label or are you going to produce your music by yourself?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Songs are all born differently. Ideas come when you least expect it, maybe a riff creates the mood or sometimes lyrics inspire the song, there are no rules, the devil works in mysterious ways… The last album came out through Massacre Records so yes, we need a label, it gives the project a serious pro-approach. The last album was recorded and co-produced with Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, Voodoo Vegas, Adrian Smith, etc.), so he is our 5th member and an important part of creating our album so yes he will be invalid again.

– What’s your outlook on the record industry today and how do you see the Metal scene in the UK?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: The record industry is dead full stop, it’s been dying slowly for a while, CD, records don’t sell as they use to, companies don’t invest in new bands, not even in established bands, the proof is out there. When was the last time that you saw a young metal band coming through in the music market, charts etc. Nowadays bands actually work harder and invest loads of their own money, they deserve a lot of respect.

The metal scene in the UK is amazing, there are lots of talents, they just need serious companies investing. Thanks to the Metal Gods we have Bloodstock with Metal to the Masses, Simon, Adam and Vicky and co legends! They give upcoming bands a chance but apart from that it’s a struggle to get your music out there. And yes people will say that social media helps bands which are partly true but everything costs a lot of money and to get the next level I will say it again, you need an investment .

Ester Segarra

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– Your first guitar?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Wow my first guitar was given as a Christmas present from my parents a black Encore. My father lends me the money to buy my first Gibson and Marshall. I was lucky to have parents that encourage me to do music.

– Is music your main occupation? If you were not a musician what else would you want to be?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Yes, music is my main occupation in a way, everything I do evolves around music. I am a sound engineer too. If I didn’t do any musically related job I would probably be a beach bum ha ha ha or maybe a satanic priest.

“Death Ride Blues” (official music video) – 

– What can fans expect from The Heretic Order in a next few months? What will be the band’s main focus?

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: We already have 17 new songs and arranging to record them. We are doing a UK tour around Mammoth fest from the 23th September to 1st October. After that we want to start recording chapter II of the Heretic story. The beast wouldn’t lie down yet hopefully, some European dates we will keep searching.

– Thank you for taking the time out for this interview! Your final words, maybe with some part of the lyrics of your songs…

Lord Ragnar Wagnar: Thanks! All Hail The Order! Catch us on the road, the evil is rising!


The Heretic Order

Interviewed by Toni Rock