Cold Blooded Sapphire – ‘I Am Sapphire’ – New Album!

The debut release from Cold Blooded Sapphire featuring Johnny Lee Middleton (Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra) on bass, and newcomer Eliana Blanchard on vocals. It’s a concept album tracing the steps of Sapphire through her dark existence. The heartache, passion, and triumph true to the female hard rock perspective.

Track suggestions:
I Am Sapphire
Girl Without a Face
Queen of Everything

Cold Blooded Sapphire is a new hard rock band featuring Eliana Blanchard, Mark Matthews, Johnny Lee Middleton, Danny Elliott, TV Marcus, & Michael Gaudreau. With a combination of seasoned rock veterans and young, fresh talent, Cold Blooded Sapphire explores a distinctive sonic landscape of metal, hard rock, and theatre of the mind lyricism.

Mark Matthews came up with the concept of Sapphire six or seven years ago. At the time, he felt the female rock audience was being underserved and marginalized by the state of popular culture.

Over beers at a Mexican restaurant, Mark, Johnny Lee Middleton (TSO/Savatage), and Danny Elliott agreed to pursue this project. Over the next five years, they wrote, tracked, and mixed the concept album “I Am Sapphire.”

Mark explains that “The storyline centers on Sapphire (Eliana Blanchard) and her journey through life. The successes, failures, heartbreak, and triumph she encounters along the way. Our Los Angeles-based lyricist TV Marcus was able to perfectly capture the moment in a meaningful way.”

Band Line-Up:
Eliana Blanchard – Lead, Background Vocals
Mark Matthews – Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
Johnny Lee Middleton – Bass, Guitar, Iron, Bees
Michael Gaudreau – Guitar, Keyboards
Danny Elliott – Drums
TV Marcus – Words, Stunt Vocals, Darkness

CD Tracklisting:

A Story in four chapters…
1-1 Prologue
1-2 Cold Beaten Broken Heart
1-3 I Am Sapphire

I Am of My Own Design
2-1 Never Change
2-2 Hold Me
2-3 Cold Blooded
2-4 The Girl You’ve Never Seen

The Struggle of Refinement
3-1 The Queen of Everything
3-2 Come Home To Me
3-3 Girl Without A Face

Surrender Is Not Defeat
4-1 Hangman
4-2 I’ll Not Go Down Today
4-3 The Ending
4-4 Epilogue

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