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JETBOY – ’Born To Fly’!

Founded in 1983 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod, Jetboy continues to crank out their brand of rock n’ roll with the same passion. ’Born To Fly’ is the band’s first album of all new material since 1990 and has been put together by the duo together with vocalist Mickey Finn, former Faster Pussycat bassist Eric Stacy and drummer Al Serrato.

“Most of the songs were written within a couple of months after we got the offer from Frontiers,” says Rowe. “Both the writing and recording this album came naturally. We feel it happened at the right time and was meant to be. The spirit of the band has been at an all-time high ever since we started tracking this album and we all felt something special was going on.”

Best described as a blend of edgy rock and roll with a traditional b...

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STEELHEART – Rock’n Milan!

“Rock’n Milan” is a live album and long-form video of Steelheart’s live performance at Frontiers Rock Festival IV in Milan, Italy on April 29, 2017.

The band stormed the stage ahead of the forthcoming release of their comeback album, “Through Worlds of Stardust”, which is represented with the inclusion of “My Dirty Girl”, while the rest of the setlist includes Steelheart classics!

With tracks culled from the self-titled debut album and from the “Rockstar” movie soundtrack, singer Miljenko Matijevic was in fine form and delivered an amazing performance to the wowed crowd!

The show is also a fitting tribute to the loving memory of Steelheart guitarist Kenny Kanowski, who passed away just a couple of months after this last performance with the band.


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STATE OF SALAZAR – ”Superhero”!

State of Salazar was started in 2010 by five students from the Malmö Academy of Music who wanted to play rock music made for the big arenas. The singer and songwriter, Marcus Nygren, came up with the concept for State of Salazar in 2009 when a couple of songs that he’d written did not fit his metal-based band, 8-Point Rose.

State of Salazar released their debut EP ”Lost my Way” in the summer of 2012, it spread fast in magazines and blogs and created a tidal wave of praise. The Swedish quintet received a lot of positive reactions from all over the world during a very short period of time. “This is something that can grow really big.”

“…State Of Salazar will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of the genre...

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MAGIC DANCE – ‘New Eyes’!

MAGIC DANCE was born in 2012 on Long Island, NY as a solo project for singer/songwriter Jon Siejka. A self-taught musician and producer, his debut EP, “Another World” was released in May 2013. “The Mirror of Dreams” and “Kiss Scene” EPs followed, all heavily influenced by the iconic synth-pop and film soundtrack music of the ‘80s.

2015 release the “Haunting Me” EP marked an evolution in his sound, featuring guitar-heavy cuts like “Still Haunting Me” and “I Wanna Know”. His debut full-length album, “Vanishings” is an even larger statement of that evolution, combining ’80s influenced AOR, pop rock, and synth-pop to create a sound uniquely his own.

In late 2017, Jon and Magic Dance were signed by Frontiers...

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DEMATERIALIZE Unleash Self-Titled Debut EP!

It’s release day for Illinois-based outfit DEMATERIALIZE, whose debut EP has been about seven years in the works, and started seeing the light of day just a couple of months back, with the release of the music video for the lead single “Ephemeral”.

To close out the journey, DEMATERIALIZE released, via Chugcore, one last track before letting fans dig into their brief -yet chaotic and full of energy – EP, and you can give it a spin here – here. If you’ve been a fan of releases such as ERRA’s Neon, Veil of Maya’s False Idol, Knocked Loose’s Laugh Tracks, or even if you simply enjoy headbanging, bouncing off the walls while blasting your favourite music, this record is something you should not miss out on, before the year ends.

When asked about the album, here’s what the band wanted to share:...

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