Anthems In Ashes – ‘Burn It Down’ – New Album!

Anthems In Ashes is a four-piece hard rock band brought together by their love of music that is both heavy and high energy. Their sound is based in the hard rock genre with influences of heavy metal and punk. Their crushing riffs and powerful groove are complimented by Harley’s vocals that are equal parts aggressive and beautiful.

After a busy year performing in Toronto and recording with Juno Award Winning producer Siegfried Meier, Anthems In Ashes have finally released their debut EP Burn It Down. It is available on all major music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc.) and on their website: as of August 2017.

The singles from the album are Hunger; a dichotomy of love and hate which you can hear through the unrelenting vocals, Stealing Names; a seduction of hard-hitting drums and consistent rhythm and Her Fire, which draws you in with a poetic piano intro before it cuts you with guttural screams and hellish guitar tones. The influences for the album are diverse, with nods to The Pretty Reckless, In This Moment, Deftones, and Tool.

Band Line-Up:
Guitar: Micheil Gray
Vocals: Harley Olivia
Bass: James Douglas
Drums: Robert Barber

CD Tracklisting:
1- Her Fire
2- Follow You Down
3- Stealing Names
4- Ghost I Know
5- Hunger

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