An Exclusive Interview With Dave Davidson – Frontman And Founder Of Technical Death/Thrash Band REVOCATION!

On September 28th, REVOCATION will release their new album, ‘The Outer Ones’, via Metal Blade Records. Two months later the band will head over to Europe for a full headliner run. ‘The Outer Ones’ has been produced by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Bleeding Through) and sees REVOCATION pushing both the death metal and progressive elements of their signature sound harder than ever.

“We are very excited to announce our first headline tour across Europe! We’ll be playing a bunch of new music off “The Outer Ones” along with some classics and a few deep cuts as well. Also joining us on this excursion are the tech death masterminds in Archspire, Soreption and Rivers Of Nihil. This tour has been a long time in the making, thanks to all our fans that have helped to grow this band overseas, we cannot wait to headbang with you all!”

We’d like to bring to your attention this interview with the frontman and founder of REVOCATION, David Davidson. The following interview is taken exclusively for Rock Arena.


– Hello, Davis and welcome to Rock Arena! Over the years, you’ve made your mark within the technical death metal scene; from your first release of ‘’Summon the Spawn’’ in 2006 to the last – ‘’Great Is Our Sin’’ (2016) you’ve pushed the boundaries of the genre… What are the differences when you first started and now?

♦David Davidson: I think we’ve just refined our sound more over the years. We were experimenting a lot on the first few records but once we put out “Deathless” I feel like we really hit our stride. From a business standpoint we’re also way more professional now then we were back in the day. On our current tour, we’ve got a full light show and crew so it’s cool for me to think back on how far we’ve come. We used to play punk rock basements and abandoned warehouses back in the day but even though we’re playing bigger clubs now we still have that DIY mentality.

– You guys have a really impressive back catalog, and you keep putting out great albums… What originally got you into metal and writing your own songs? What has metal meant for you personally?

♦David Davidson: Pantera were the band that got me into the genre, they were my gateway drug band so to speak. Once I discovered them I really went down the metal rabbit hole and started looking up as many bands as I could from all different genres. Metal has helped to shape my identity as a musician, it meant everything to me when I was a kid growing up and it means even more to me now that it’s become my career.

– Your new upcoming full length – “The Outer Ones” – will be out on September 28th, 2018… What’s the story behind the title of the album and what are subjects that you write about? Who’s the producer?

♦David Davidson: The title of the record is my ode to Lovecraft. Overall the album has a sci-fi horror theme and many of the songs draw inspiration directly from Lovecraft’s works. The opening track, for example, was inspired by his story “The Dreams In The Witch House” while the title track references the deities of cosmic horror that are referenced across many of his works. Zeuss produced the album, it was a blast working with him again, he really has our sound dialed in at this point.

– Your music has been described as a fusion of technical death metal and thrash, yet you all bring influences from outside the metal realm. What influences were brought forward for this album? What’s the process been like with the new record, and how was it an evolution?

♦David Davidson: It’s death metal at its core but there’s also a thrash and black metal influence on certain tracks. I work on a lot of jazz in my spare practice time so I think that has also started to have more of an affect on my phrasing and has inspired new ideas for riffs here and there. We try to evolve with every record we make, there’s always ideas to bring to the table but the goal is how can we incorporate those ideas in the most musical way possible.

– Tell us more about the artwork… Who else does working for the band and how essential has it been to record the album from the hands of Metal Blade Records?

♦David Davidson: The artwork was once again done by Tom Strom, he did our last two album covers which came out great so we were stoked to work with him again. Tom’s a good buddy of mine so it’s easy for us to communicate and exchange ideas back and forth on the artwork. He was sending me progress shots once the painting was underway, every update he sent had new layers of detail and I really couldn’t wait to see the final product. Once he sent me a pic of the finalized version my jaw hit the floor, I think it’s our best album cover to date so far.

– Let’s talk about the brand new single, ‘Of Unworldly Origin’, directed by David Brodsky… Who wrote this song, what’s the story there and what meaning have you coded between the lines?

♦David Davidson: I wrote the music and lyrics for that one, I think the story is pretty self-explanatory if you watch the video and read the lyrics. There’s really no hidden meaning behind it, I just tried my best to create a story and write it in a Lovecraftian way to fit with the vibe of the album.

– What’s the main target for you today… How do you feel Revocation has progressed over the last decade?

♦David Davidson: My main goal is to write music that pushes the boundaries of our genre. I like to be constantly surprised and intrigued as a listener so I want to bring those same elements into our songs so that we always keep things fresh.

– What’s your outlook on the record industry and what is your opinion on the current state of the Metal scene and sound in general? What advice would you give to a new band that’s just starting out?

♦David Davidson: The record industry is definitely a whole different animal than it was 10 years ago. It seems like streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are becoming the new way that people listen to and discover music, my hope is that royalty rates for artists will improve in the next couple of years if physical products become less relevant.

– You changed your band’s name in 2006… Any particular reasons for that?

♦David Davidson: We had basically outgrown the name and we were writing music that was vastly surpassing our older material. Plus I thought that Revocation was a more original name so I wanted something that would match the originality of the music we were writing.

– Could you like to write music for other artists?

♦David Davidson: I’ve had a lot of fun collaborating on other projects with different musicians in the past. I got to work with Marty Friedman on his album “Inferno” which was a real honor for me. I also wrote a song for a short film but unfortunately, it never reached it’s funding goals so it never got off the ground. I’d be interested in doing more writing for projects of that nature if that timing was right but currently, I’m pretty focused on Revocation. I don’t think we’ll ever drastically change our music from where we’re at right now. I think there’s still a lot to say while still staying true to our sound.

– Real music is immortal and there is always a reason to aim and fight for something. What are you fighting for with your Music?

♦David Davidson: I think some songs in our catalogue certainly aim to shine a light on injustices in the world. We’ve dealt with pressing topics that are directly facing humanity such as governmental corruption and climate change. We’ve also taken inspiration from historical events that might serve as cautionary tales so that the mistakes of the past don’t get repeated. From a musical standpoint, I think we’re fighting for creativity and to show people that there’s a lot of merit to the music of metal.

– Revocation announces first ever European headline Tour for November… Tell us more about it? With all the great songs in your back catalog, how did you choose which ones you would perform on this tour?

♦David Davidson: It can be tough because there’s so many songs to choose from at this point, but we just start a text thread with everyone and shoot ideas back and forth. We usually are all on the same page though so we can work it out over the course of a couple days. We want to focus on playing newer material but we’ll also be throwing in some songs over the course of the past few albums as well as some older, deep cuts as well.

– Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, David!


28.11.18 Germany Berlin @ Badehaus
29.11.18 Denmark Aarhus @ Voxhall
30.11.18 Germany Hannover @ Chez Heinz
01.12.18 Germany Dresden @ Puschkin
02.12.18 Poland Poznan @ U Bazyla
03.12.18 Czech Rep Brno @ Melodka
04.12.18 Austria Vienna @ Viper Room
05.12.18 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Orto Bar
06.12.18 Germany München @ Backstage
07.12.18 Italy Milano @ Circolo Svolta
08.12.18 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
09.12.18 France Marseille @ Jas Rod
10.12.18 Spain Barcelona @ Razzmatazz 2
11.12.18 Spain Madrid @ Caracol
12.12.18 Portugal Porto @ Hard Club
13.12.18 Spain Bilbao @ Stage Live
14.12.18 France Pau @ l’Ampli
15.12.18 France Paris @ Petit Bain
16.12.18 UK London @ Underworld
17.12.18 UK Birmingham @ Mama Roux
18.12.18 UK Bristol @ The Fleece
19.12.18 UK Manchester @ Rebellion
20.12.18 Belgium Brussels @ Magasin 4
21.12.18 Netherlands Nijmegen @ Doornroosje
22.12.18 Germany Essen @ Turock

Revocation line-up:
David Davidson – Guitars / Vocals
Dan Gargiulo – Guitars / Vocals
Brett Bamberger – Bass / Vocals
Ash Pearson – Drums

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Interviewed by Toni Rock