An Exclusive Interview With Swedish Metallers The Unguided!

The Unguided is a five-piece melodic metal band, formed by Richard Sjunnesson, after his departure from Sonic Syndicate. Later, he was joined by (also former Sonic Syndicate singer) Roland Johansson, and guitarist Roger Sjunnesson and current Cipher System bassist Henric Carlsson.

Brotherhood is their latest EP, and not only does this kick off a new trilogy of future albums, but it also marks a lineup change, with the band debuting their new singer Jonathan Thorpenberg.

The Unguided have been able to touch the hearts of many Metalheads with their diverse type of Melodic Groove Metal, partly on the extreme but also connected to the modern Metal rage. With a sense of overwhelming hooks and sweet sentiments, their creamy guitars celebrate themselves!

Those Swedes incubate a heavyweight of Melodic Death Metal which would freak out all Metalcore forerunners in their greatest era! Today we’d like to bring to your attention this interview with The Unguided! The following interview is taken exclusively for Rock Arena. Enjoy it!


– Hello, Guys and welcome to Rock Arena! The Unguided is a band created by former members of Sonic Syndicate, Dead By April and Shining… How did everything start?

♦Henric: When Richard left Sonic Syndicate 7 years ago, he felt a need to create a new band that wasn’t as guided as Sonic where. One by one we joined in, some of us from the start and some as time and members past.

– I’m always interested in the philosophy behind the band’s name, so why ‘The Unguided?’

♦Henric: As stated in the previews question, the need and urge for being able to make our own decisions was the real reason why Richard exited Sonic Syndicate, and that was also the reason why The Unguided choose their name.

– As a band, you’ve been creating music for about 7 years now, how have you all changed from when you put out your first release ”Hell Frost” in 2011?

♦Henric: On the first album it was Roger and Roland who took care of melody and music. Since that album, we have become more and more people involved in the music making. Now we all come with ideas and changes and songs. One thing that has been constant since the first album is Richards lyrics, and will be so.

– In December 2016 the official announcement was made that singer/guitarist Roland Johansson had left the band… Tell us the story behind the change in lineup?  What was the main reason for Roland’s departure from The Unguided?

♦Henric: We just felt that his regular life took so much of his time that his focus on the band was not there as it was in the beginning. It became more and more clear and at some point, we just felt that a change was needed to be able to keep the band alive. Even though we love him as a brother we still weren’t interested in putting the band to rest. So we found this awesome kid: Jonathan as a back up for Roland when he wasn’t able to play. And thanks to him we could keep the band alive.

– Tell us more about your 2 track EP called “Brotherhood”, actually this is the first release with your new singer Jonathan Thorpenberg… What was the concept behind this release? Who does working for the band?

♦Richard Sj: The concept of the songs was a continuation of the past trilogy of albums which all have been semi-conceptual releases. In regards to what was going on in the band with Roland leaving and Jonathan being introduced this was of course also integrated in a bit of metaphoric way into those songs. We wanted to underline; that no matter if you have an active or passive role you will always be a part of our brotherhood and The Unguided family.

 – What do you hope people take away from your songs? What keeps you inspired when it comes to the writing process or just overall?

♦Henric: When you hear and read of people who go through rough times and find strength in our music, that makes you really happy. But for me, I write music that I like: catchy and melodic metal. This is music I like and I listen to at home, I have heard artists who don’t listen to their own music. I am the opposite, that is almost all I ever listen to. So I get inspired by having a guitar in my hand, by good news, bad news or stuff like that.










– Let’s talk about your new album, “And The Battle Royale”… What meaning have you coded between the lines and how were the songs written? When you compose a song how does a song evolve?

♦Richard Sj: I always try to keep a red thread going through all the material lyrically and visually, this is a red thread that has been going since our first release post Sonic Syndicate’s debut “Eden Fire” even and it’s really important to me that everything is connected and that an overall vision is always present and not only random songs thrown on an album. There’s a lot of interlinked matters in the songs, which I wouldn’t want to spoil here. The longtime listener have to discover them on their own!

♦Henric: The songs usually come from one of us, then we all chip in with ideas of structure changes if needed. Then Rille change the drums to his liking and lastly, Richard write lyrics and we tweak the vocal melodies to make them fit.









– What are your favorite tracks from the new album?

♦Henric: Kings Fall and Anchor Stone.

– What do you think of the current music scene? What’s the hardest thing about going on tour?

♦Henric: I think that a little bunch of bands do something unique and try to make their brand stand out. But some try to make an effort, and I really like that. Tour, well, we hardly ever go on tour. But the hardest thing is to make a living from it.

– What do you think about the state of metal music and the music business? What’s difficult about being in a band these days? Do you follow the modern metal scene and, if so, are there any bands that have impressed you?

♦Henric: Amaranthe impress me! They blend new elements in their music and make it work. But I don’t really listen to modern metal except us. I mostly listen to Black/Death Metal or emotional pop. I think the whole industry is a big change in a way. So I am excited about what the future brings.

– When did all of you begin playing music…? Do you work on some other projects?

♦Henric: I can only speak for my self, but I joined my first band as 14 years old and had my first record contract at the age of 18. That was 20 years ago next year so I have had a couple of bands since and still have. And so do we all. But let’s speak about the Unguided now.

– What’s the main target for the band today and when can we hear The Unguided live in the UK?

♦Henric: We just released the new album, so live shows in the spring and summer. Maybe a new video and hopefully one or two UK dates.

– Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview! Your message to all the Rock & Metalheads around the globe…?

♦Henric: Thank you! Appreciate the support and interest! Follow your heart. Take chances and listen to The Unguided.

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Interviewed by Toni Rock