Interview With The New Mediterranean Symphonic Metal Sensation: SLEEPING ROMANCE!

The Italian quintet SLEEPING ROMANCE displays true mastery, as they fuse bloodcurdling classical sounds with monstrous Melodic Death Metal-riffing. The music is full of force yet sustained by noble, theatrical flamboyance and provides a symphony for the broken hearted who somehow manage to love again.

Their new album “Alba” leads a journey of orchestral opera arrangements and siren songs; touching, sometimes frightening, but always as personal, as can be. Songstress Federica Lanna means every word she sings and as always, Federico Truzzi flatters her lovely voice with delicate guitars.

Let the curtain rise on the new Mediterranean Symphonic Metal sensation: SLEEPING ROMANCE! The following interview is taken exclusively for Rock Arena. Enjoy it!


 – Hello, Guys and welcome to Rock Arena! Sleeping Romance was formed in 2013, how did you all meet each other and how everything started?

♦Lorenzo: Hey, thanks for this chance to talk with you! Well, the band was born in Rome, where Federico was studying and later he decided to replace the components of the band with good musicians, so he asked Lorenzo and Francesco to join this project. The songs were very good, so it was quite easy to start in believing in this kind of musical proposal. One of the most difficult parts was to find the right voice, but after some changes, Federica was the right chosen.

 – From the beginning the band wasn’t called Sleeping Romance, why did you change band name? Is there any special meaning behind the name?

♦SLEEPING ROMANCE: We decided to change the name to give a more clear idea of what we were saying with our music, so Sleeping Romance is better than our first moniker. We think this name sounds very good, and if you listen to our music you can feel sometimes like in a dream, well this can be the meaning behind…

– When did all of you begin playing music? Have you had any previous projects and what was their style?

♦Federico: I started playing music when I was 14 and from that day I knew music it would become a really important part of my life, probably the most important part of my life. More than 12 years ago, Francesco, Lorenzo and me, we have been together in a band called Synthphonia Suprema, and there we played a sort of super-fast power metal with a lot of synth and electronic music. Plus I was in another band (we record only 1 album) called Mechanical Swan, a sort of electro power rock if I can call it in that way.

Right now I also have a solo project where I compose and play a sort of modern classical and ambient music for piano and strings quartet. My daily job is to compose and produce music, so my musical taste is really open-minded to any style and genre: every kind of music deserves to be listening. I think my personal career as a musician was inspired by a lot of classical composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Cage, and Stravinsky and by some metal bands like Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Therion, Dark Tranquilly and Ayreon.


– Your new album “Alba” is out now, who writes the music and the lyrics and who’s the producer? How long did it take to write and record the album? Who does working for the band?

♦Federico: I composed the music, the vocal lines, and all orchestral parts. With Federica, we both wrote the lyrics together, I had the idea of the concept and it is really important to me that the meaning and the sound of the words to connect with the music. I also produced the album with Dino Gervasoni a great sound engineer, collaborator, and a friend.

We have recorded drums in a big studio in my hometown (Zetafactory), pianos in another great studio (Bombanella Soundscapes) and the other instruments (orchestral instruments too) at my studio recording. The choir was recorded in an ancient church in Reggio Emilia and it was a great experience… The composition of the whole album required me about 8 months and then we have other 6 months for recording and producing it.

– How would you describe the music on the new album? What’s the hardest thing with recording an album do you think?

♦Federico: It is always really hard to describe your own music. For sure it is metal 🙂 I mean we have a lot of guitars riffing and sometimes we love to play fast and heavy! But one of the most important parts is the orchestra and symphonic elements that are a real part of the song, not only just a color. At the end, I think symphonic metal works out great!

The hardest thing when you record an album is trying to let know the musicians and the singer(s) how they have to play, with the right feeling and the right emotions. Because when you are recording something you are trying to write on a stone your words, and it is really important to say that words in the right way. With Federica and Dino, we have worked really hard, asking her to be different words by words, and we were happy with Federica’s performances. She was very patient and totally trusted in our work, at the end you can hear and feel that she has sung with a lot of emotions on the songs.

Today we have a lot of different discussions about recording albums and is easier than 20 years ago because the new technologies help us to be perfect in time and tune but making music is always something different than perfection, you have to express yourself and it requires different abilities.


– “My Temptation” is an amazing epic song, with a powerful vocals and impressive style, who wrote this song and what’s the story there?

♦Federico: I am so glad that you love this song because it is one of my favorite too. I composed the song and together with Federica, we wrote the lyrics. My temptation is about the moment in your life you have to choose a path between two: one is good but hard to take, and the other one is easy but, deep in your heart, you know that is wrong. So the song is based on the words “temptation” and “obsession”, the tune of the music is always solving on the tonic to recall the “obsession” of what is stuck in your mind and it can’t leave alone.

Also at the end of the song, there is a choir counterpointed part where the female voices represent the temptation and they invite Alba to follow your temptation; the male voices are the consciousness and they try to keep Alba on the right path. The song finish with a solo cello, that play the melody of the female voices and it means Alba has surrendered to the Temptation. It is one of my favorite songs because everything has a hidden meaning inside of it, and at the end, it sounds a bit different from the others “Sleeping Romance” songs.

– Let’s talk about the brand new video for the track “Where The Light Is Bleeding”… What’s the story behind the script?

♦Federico: The idea about the video clip of “Where the light is bleeding” born from a discussion between me and my brother. Then I shared this idea with Dino Gervasoni, who works with 341 Production and we have changes some stuff to make it easier during the shooting session.

The story is based on the fight between two twins, one is good and the other one is bad. The meaning of the video is to accept ourselves for what we are but not for what we would love to see, and at the same time the whole video was shot during the night because it has to represent the journey of the concept album, only at the end we are playing during the Dawn, in the early morning.

– Classic means not only typical for the style but also immortal, eternal, independent of space and time… How do you feel about merging Metal with Classical music or other styles?

♦Federico: Actually, metal music and classical music (in the way you wrote above) are my biggest love (also with cinematic music and electronic music). Merging them is something really “normal” because these kinds of music can live together and can really give the music a new perspective. Some classical composers are big Masters and working on their amazing and eternal masterpiece is always a pleasure with the ears, the mind, and the heart.

A few days ago I went to a jazz concert where the band mixes up some music from Monteverdi and jazz music, and it works out really interesting. One of my favorite band, Laibach, have done an album presenting some Bach’s fugues in an electronic way (the same was done by Wendy Carlos), and so on. I mean, it is really great using the music by these Masters because it helps us to discover once again their works and we have the opportunity to give them a new life with a modern language.










– Federica, your voice sounds strong and beautiful, how did you start with music and who inspired you from the very start? As a female in the Metal world, would you say it has been harder to make your mark in the music industry?

♦Federica Lanna: First of all, thank you so much for your compliment. I am really grateful for all the beautiful things that happened in my musical career. I started studying opera and singing when I was 14 old. I was a really introvert person and I spent a lot of time singing alone or with local bands; this relieved me from any kind of other social life XD it’s funny because even if I studied opera singing I was really into other genres of music like progressive rock and punk rock.

When I discovered symphonic metal I have found the way to combine modern and opera singing, and this was enlightening… I started listening to Within Temptation and I fell in love with them. I am graduated in cinematographic critique and I was a movie soundtracks collector so I have been so impressed by the “epicenes” of this kind of music and it’s a great way to tell stories.

When I decided to start with Sleeping Romance I didn’t know what to expect. We found a label and released the album and went on tour and I was really destabilized because I thought I wasn’t good enough for that. But here I am. I kept on studying hard, both modern and opera singing, I became a singing teacher and I have found the strength to face my insecurities.

– What’s the best thing about being a musician? If you were not a musician what else would you want to be?

♦Federica: Oh well, I think that in general, the best thing about being an artist is to communicate with other human beings. You can express yourself through your art, and have the chance to be understood on a deeper level. I am not a fan of a “self-referential” kind of art. I am not a “super cryptic projects” supporter… If I wasn’t a singer, I am doubtful… I’ve always loved writing but it’s really hard to make a living with it you know. I have tons of interest: books, movies, nature and astronomy and I also love animals. Probably, I’d like to work in the State Forestry Corpse and be a writer in the free time.

– Where can everyone get your music? Is it possible to download the new album legally? If so where?

♦Lorenzo:  Yes, you can download our album from iTunes, you can listen to it on Spotify, or you can buy the physical copy directly from us or in the music shops, last, but not least on Napalm Records shop online website.

– SLEEPING ROMANCE will be hitting the road together with SERENITY and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS for a huge tour run all over Europe in early 2018… Tell us more about it?

♦Federica: Yes, we are very excited about it! It’s a really big chance for us to hit beautiful stages and to reach a new audience. We are really focused on this promotional tour and we will make our best! I’d probably join Serenity on stage for “The Final Crusade” song; I am already electrified by this prospect! This is going to be a really important tour for Sleeping Romance, so cross your fingers for us!

– Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview! Your message to all the Rock & Metalheads around the globe…?

♦Federica: Thank YOU for your space! Thanks also to all the rock & metalheads who took the time to read this interview! We hope to meet all of you one day under the stage! Il metallo!

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09.02.2018 AT – Wörgl / Komma* 
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14.02.2018 UK – London / Underworld* 
15.02.2018 BE – Vosselaar / Biebob* 
16.02.2018 NL – Nijverdal / Cult Art Shop** 
17.02.2018 NL – Haarlem / Patronaat** 
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20.02.2018 DE – Nürnberg / Der Cult** 
21.02.2018 CZ – Prag / Nova Chmelnice** 
23.02.2018 DE – Glauchau / Alte Spinnerei** 
24.02.2018 AT – Lenzing / Pfarrsaal**

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Interviewed by Toni Rock