Scars Of Solitude – ‘Deformation’!

Scars of Solitude is a melodic metal quintet from Äänekoski, Finland, playing music rooted deep in the Finnish melancholy.

The band was formed in January 2015 and has stood firmly and proud behind its music ever since. Their music sounds like autumn – it’s kinda dark, rainy and cold but still rich in both beauty and colour despite all the despair.

Even though many of its members have come and gone the forming members Tuomo Laulainen, Niki Kuivakangas and Lassi Pollari have remained since the birth of the band. Now the core trio are accompanied by the talented Mikko Ruuska on vocals and Antti Kettunen on rhythm guitar.

Music can be like a graveyard for your emotions. You dump them in there and revisit once in a while if you wish. Some you need to bury alive, some might crawl back to haunt you. These songs have been cold and pale waiting for their burial for a long time. Now it’s time for you to start digging!

“Scars of Solitude is a band that has a lot to offer and, instead of focusing on one aspect and delivering it well, they can change to a completely different style with no sound of staggering or being uncertain; their album will be something to be anticipated of!”
-Pitch! Nordic Music Magazine

Scars of Solitude debut album ‘Deformation’ will be released on December 1st via Inverse Records.

Mikko Ruuska – Vocals
Tuomo Laulainen – Lead Guitar
Antti Kettunen – Rhythm Guitar
Lassi Pollari – Bass
Niki Kuivakangas – Drums

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