Interview with Symphonic Metal Masters SERENITY!

SERENITY are the most enigmatic dream of every Symphonic Metal-lover! With a full grasp of stunning emotions and superior dramatic compositions these Austrian musicians are world class, already winners of the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2017.

A new era will begin on the 27th of October 2017, as SERENITY are ready to release a brand new full-length album, “Lionheart!”! Their energy and joy of playing those fantastic Power Symphonic Metal-hymns can’t be tamed.

SERENITY will be hitting the road on Symphonic Metal Nights Tour 2018 as headliner together with their label mates and very special guest VISIONS OF ATLANTIS as well as Italian new talents SLEEPING ROMANCE, supported by SECRET RULE and EVENMORE. Pure symphonic joy!

Today we’d like to bring to your attention this interview with Fabio D’Amore, the bass player of the band! The following interview is taken exclusively for Rock Arena. Enjoy it!


Hello, Fabio and welcome to Rock Arena! How are you feeling today? 16 years into the band’s career… What’s changed for Serenity?

♦Fabio D’Amore: Hello! And thanks a lot for giving us your space at Rock Arena! Feels really good, and excited for our upcoming release. 16 years…feels a lifetime, but yet like it was yesterday…many things have changed for sure! Especially our position: from the garage/stable where the first rehearsals were taking place, to the Wacken Open Air stage! But I could say, the spirit is still the same.

Classic means not only typical for the style but also immortal, eternal, independent of space and time. How do you feel about merging Metal with Classical music? Are you willing to make music/remix your own music/collaborate with artists outside of your genre?

♦Fabio D’Amore: You’re right when you say “immortal, eternal…” and usually the classical music is giving you this sensation of legality that no other styles can give you, and we think it perfectly matches our music, the stories we’re telling and the atmospheres we want to create.

There’s nothing better than classical influences to tell about historical facts. Why not? Co-operation are always welcome, and actually, since 2 albums, including the upcoming one, we’re co-operating for the orchestrations with Luki Knoebl, who’s not completely outside of our music style, but he’s only taking care of the classical part, under the name of Aeonata. His job has been giving our music a lot of splendour!

– “Lionheart” will be released on October 27 via Napalm Records… What meaning have you coded between the lines? Who’s the producer, and what do you say in this particular album?

♦Fabio D’Amore: Yes, and we cannot wait! The producer is the same man behind our last past albums, Mr. Jan Vacik from Dreamsound Studios in Munich, also composer and keyboarder of the band Serious Black. The album is talking about legacy and happenings of King Richard, as known as Lionheart. All lyrics are based on historical facts, but with the help of our imagination and intuition.

What has been the most difficult process so far with the new album… Who writes the music and the lyrics and what are your sources of ideas? How do you select the titles of your songs?

♦Fabio D’Amore: The most difficult process is always matching the schedules of all of us since we’re not living close to each other, and the same for the studio activity. But it always works out well in the end. Everyone is bringing ideas, lyrics and full songs, including the producer Jan. We then select the songs we want to include after a long time process of sorting out, and then the working titles will be replaced with the final one, ones we decide the core of the message.

The brand new music video for the track ‘Lionheart’ is an amazing song, with great vocals, impressive style, and killer solos! Who wrote that song and what’s the story behind the script?

♦Fabio D’Amore: Thanks a lot for your feedback! The song was co-written by Georg and Jan Vacik, and lyrics by Georg. We wanted to base the research and travelling of King Richard, with the constant will to aim and seek for God, who would have always lead him to the right choice and right way. But he was a leader: that’s why you should “follow Richard Lionheart”!

The band has always written beautiful lyrics, you dedicated most of your songs from your previous albums to historical figures. About ‘Codex Atlanticus’ (2016) how did the idea of using Leonardo da Vinci as the theme for this album come about?

♦Fabio D’Amore: It was a pretty spontaneous decision, and this happened during chilling out after our show at the Masters of Rock stage 2014 in CZ, and we cannot tell how we exactly came up with the conversation, and the name of Leonardo was already on the table. I guess the charisma and his personal happenings lead us to a very fluid and inspiring journey of investigation, which ended around the time we were on tour in Finland, supporting Stratovarius, in Sept. 2015.

Georg, your voice is very specific, sounds powerful and beautiful. Who influenced you most in your vocal style? Have you had any previous projects? 

♦Georg Neuhauser: Serenity has always been my priority, although I recently released an album, for the studio project called “Phantasma”, together with Charlotte Wessels from Delain. But Serenity is my main project, and I’ve focused my career on this band. My main influence, although our voices sound different, is and always will be Freddy Mercury: the reason why I’m behind the microphone!!









There is always a reason to aim and fight for something. What are you fighting for with your music? What is the most important thing for you as a musician and performer?

♦Fabio D’Amore: The best for us is going on stage, singing and playing music that we like while sharing this super feeling with other people, and hopefully making new fans all the time. This is what we’re fighting for: no one will ever remove us this feeling we experience while our music with the crowd!

Could you like to write music for other artists or maybe for movie? How did you start with music and what’s your outlook on the record industry today?

♦Fabio D’Amore: We think our music may eventually fit for a movie script. So again, why not? Everyone of us started with music in different ways, and nevertheless music brought us to the same place, where we’ve been experiencing the same issues and troubles of nowadays record industry. Needless to say, this is a very difficult topic, everyone has his/her own idea about it. It’s quite delicate. But sometimes, I’m thinking “If we only had the chance to live like back in the days when the industry was running high…how would this be”? But dreaming is for free…

Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2017 – “Hard & Heavy”: Serenity -WINNER… Congratulations! What does it mean to you?

♦Fabio D’Amore: Thanks a lot!! This means a lot for us, it’s the highest and most important music prize in Austria, our home-base Country. So we’re really proud and thankful we could make it, since we couldn’t in 2014, when we’ve also been nominated.

Is music your main occupation? Maybe more of your fans are interested what are the Guys doing when they’re not playing?

♦SERENITY: Fabio and Chris are mainly involved on music activities, since they’re both teaching for and owning Learn to Rock Music School, Fabio in Austria, and Chris in Germany. Chris is the owner of this brand, and in Germany owns 2 offices, and we’re trying to spread it also in Austria, with already 2 new offices, and a brand new 1 coming right now. Georg is working for the University of Innsbruck, as assistant professor, and Andy is working as an engineering technician on a company building acoustic devices.

Before the Symphonic Metal Nights Tour 2018, Serenity can be seen around Europe on the forthcoming Delain tour. What more should we expect from the band, and where can everyone get your music?

♦Fabio D’Amore: We’re going to share the stage on Delain’s headlining tour, as you said, and Cellar Darling will be opening the evening with their performance, so the package is pretty interesting! We cannot wait to go on tour again, and the new album will be released exactly on those days, so fans could expect some new songs, as well as some classics! The new album will be available at our merchandise table, as well as in CD stores, or online through our webshop, or Napalm Records webshop!

Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview! Your message to all the Rock & Metalheads around the globe…?

♦Fabio D’Amore: Thanks a lot for your interview! Please check out our social media and search for our name: Winter is coming, and Lionheart is around the corner! Visit to be updated about our next shows: we may be coming downtown!!

♦SERENITY supporting DELAIN presents Danse Macabre Feat. Marco Hietala♦
26.10.17 FR – Paris / Alhambra
27.10.17 CH – Pratteln / Z7
28.10.17 DE – Bochum / Zeche
29.10.17 DE – Munich / Backstage
31.10.17 NL – Utrecht / Tivoli
01.11.17 UK – London / KOKO

♦Symphonic Metal Nights 2018♦

Presented by Sonic Seducer, Spark, Slam, Metal Talk, Lords Of Metal

09.02.18 AT – Worgl / Komma
10.02.18 DE – Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn
12.02.18 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben
14.02.18 UK – London / Underworld
15.02.18 DE – Vosselaar / Biebob
16.02.18 NL – Nijverdal / Cult Art Shop
17.02.18 NL – Haarlem / Patronaat
18.02.18 DE – Bochum / matrix
19.02.18 DE – Berlin / Bi Nuu
20.02.18 DE – Nuremberg / Der Cult
21.02.18 CZ – Prague / Nova Chmelnice
23.02.18 DE – Glauchau / Alte Spinnerei
24.02.18 AT – Lenzing / Pfarrsaal

♦SERENITY Line-up:
Georg Neuhauser – Vocals
Fabio D’Amore – Bass, Vocals
Andreas Schipflinger – Drums, Vocals
Chris Hermsdörfer – Guitars, Vocals

♦Pre-order “Lionheart” – HERE!

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Interviewed by Toni Rock