An Exclusive Interview with Shadowside​ bassist Magnus Rosén​ (ex-HammerFall)!

Brazilian female-fronted metal band Shadowside, was formed by singer Dani Nolden, Raphael Mattos on guitars and Fabio Buitvidas on drums. In 2015, Shadowside parted ways with bassist Fabio Carito and announced Swedish bassist Magnus Rosén (ex-HammerFall) as the new member of the band.

Magnus Rosén is a different kind of bass player how play music from Heavy Metal to Symphony Orchestra. World tours, golden records, Grammy nominations, 10 great solo albums and albums recorded in heavy metal, rock and funk about 35 albums, Ambassador for all music and culture schools in Sweden 2007/ 2008.

During the year of 2006, Shadowside supported Helloween in Brazil. In July 2007, they won the “AirPlay Direct All Things Digital Hard Rock / Heavy Metal”, chosen between over 1,000 bands worldwide. In August 2009 the band released their second album, Dare to Dream, in Brazil through LCM/Radar Records.

After several international tours and achieving international notoriety with the highly praised “Inner Monster Out”, in 2012, the band announces their brand new work “Shades of Humanity”, marking the official debut of their new bassist Magnus Rosén.

“Shades of Humanity” explores deep subjects such as depression, abortion, the Mariana dam disaster in Brazil and mankind’s moral values, branching out in musical ways nobody expected while still keeping their heavy guitar riffs and catchy melodies.

The album was produced and mixed by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Hammerfall, Evergrey, In Flames, Dream Evil) and Henrik Udd (Architects, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Evil, Arch Enemy, Bring me the Horizon) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The release of “Shades of Humanity” will be on July 28 in North America/Europe via EMP Label Group (the US-based label of Megadeth bass player Dave Ellefson) and September 4 in Brazil via Furia Music Records.

Today we’d like to bring to your attention this interview with Mr Magnus Rosén! The following interview is taken exclusively for Rock Arena. Enjoy it!


– Hello, Magnus and welcome to Rock Arena! We are happy to have such an amazing musician like you by our side, how are you feeling today?

♦Magnus Rosén: Thanks, my friend, for this nice introduction, my hat off to you. I just arrived from a 10 km run in the forest, so I’m fine, thanks.

– What made you choose the bass and from who did you learn? When did you get your first guitar? And your first concert ever? I’m interested for the transition point between the listener, the player, and the musician…

♦Magnus Rosén: I chose the bass when I was 14 years old and a Kiss fan! Thought Gene Simons was a cool figure. Plus I was already interested in bass instruments of different kinds. I’ve learned mostly by myself and through those music lovers, I had been playing with over the years. I got my first bass was when I was 14 years old. My first concert was in our school and I was 14 years old.

– You were part of Hammerfall from 1997 to 2007… Why did you leave the band? And when was your best time and memories with Hammerfall?

♦Magnus Rosén: Thanks for this question. Why did I leave Hammerfall, and why did Anders Johansson and Stefan Elmgren leave a few years after I did…? I do not want to talk negative things about my old band Hammerfall. So on that question, I usually answer that it was time to try my own wings and see if they would be able to bring me into the future. And here I am, smile.

My best memories with Hammerfall were on stage when we were playing live. Then, I got the opportunity to see all the fans. The opportunity to grow with my stage personality and also with my bass playing.






– In 2015 you joined Shadowside, how everything started? Tell us more about the other members of the band, how did you meet them?

♦Magnus Rosén: I met Shadowside when they played in Sweden in an arena called Lisebergshallen. There they played with the band Helloween. I think they recognized me from Hammerfall’s time. It was a nice meeting, but then we did not know that one day we would be band-mates.

So one day I received an email from Shadowside when they asked if I was interested in playing with Shadowside. I was obviously flattered and pleased with the question that a band from the other side of the globe remembered me after all the years and also wanted to play with me. When I cheered the music and thought the musicians were very talented, I decided to say yes to this offer. And now we release our album Shades of Humanity.

– Let’s talk about new album, “Shades of Humanity”, who writes the music and the lyrics of the songs and who’s the producer? What’s the story behind its concept?  

♦Magnus Rosén: Shadowside has written most of the music and the text. Myself, I got the opportunity to create my own way of playing the bass. And that’s important for me. Me and Andy LaRoquse from King Diamond wrote 2 songs that Shadowside made their mark on when it comes to songs and lyrics. So you can say that we did this together.

Fredrik Nordström, who also produced Hammerfall’s 2 first album, made a fantastic fine production with Shadowside. The band sounds 2017 and is now heading for the future with this music.

As I look at the concept, it’s about us today’s sense of human, which I like very much. To highlight and make us strong as humans.

Shadowside stands on the human side and wants to elevate self-esteem and the insight of our fellow human beings to something powerful. That’s the magic of HEAVY METAL in my opinion anyway.

– What is the main difference between “Shades of Humanity” and the previous albums of the band? What do you say in this particular album?

♦Magnus Rosén: I think the others who played bass in the band before are good bass players, but maybe there will be some kind of new energy in the band when someone new enters the band. The new album “Shades of Humanity” is very well-played, and both Raphael and Fabio are very talented musicians. The flag at the top with their name on, from my point of view. Dani has a very strong and powerful voice that puts the very special touch on the sound in Shadowside. Also, the lyrics she writes is very important and up to date. Very cool and nice. The songs have become a little straight on, in a new fresh way that I like.

– Shadowside releases new music video for the song ‘Alive’, produced by director of photography of “The Martian” and “Criminal Minds”… Tell us more about the work behind the scenes and the story of the script?

♦Magnus Rosén: The story of the video is about never giving up even when it feels the worst. We use the 4 elements like Water, Fire, Air, and Earth where different parts are played. An imaginative and different rock video in the good sense of the word! The video was recorded in Florida. We also acted as actors in the video which made it all the more special. It is probably one of the absolute best rock videos I recorded.

– When you compose a song how does a song evolve? “Unreality” was written by you in partnership with Andy La Rocque (King Diamond)… What does this song mean to you? 

♦Magnus Rosén: Writing a song can occur in many different ways. In this case, it was probably the feeling of straight on metal. Where the power of the music would feel right in front of the face of the listener. I and Andy have done quite a few songs along with this attitude, feeling. All music for me is love in different shapes, from different angles. Love is the driving force and the final message!

– You are also a member of several other projects… What’s it like working with musicians like a Jorn Lande, Tony Martin, and Timo Tolkki?

♦Magnus Rosén: It is always different with different musicians and people. Nobody is like the other one. Getting the opportunity to work with different musicians and bands requires me to be flexible and easy to deal with. I am open to various suggestions and adapt to what is desired. This setting allows others to want to work with me. I am very grateful and humble about requests for cooperation. I always go with the attitude that I hope I will do what they expect from me. But I never take this for granted.

We all have different flavors and we can take that as a diversity, if someone does not like what I do, maybe someone else can do it better. Nobody can do everything or satisfy everyone’s tastes, but you can enjoy many musicians of different kinds. So whoever sees him finds the one that fits the project best. I think it’s important to be positive and dynamic in all collaborations.

– Are you willing to make music/remix your own music/collaborate with artists outside of your genre? If you are asked to write music for a movie soundtrack, what would be the genre in cinema that would create the most powerful Cinergy with your music?

♦Magnus Rosén: It’s hard to say, but a fun question. It would be interesting to make music for a movie about the time when the good took over the world again. Right now, the values feel so dark in my eyes. An expensive time with many pitfalls. Then music where the angels of light come back to our mother earth.

Artists and musicians who would be open to a mix of different nationalities with cultural elements in the sound. One type of World Metal. There are so many good musicians today, so I find it hard to point anyone out. There must be some who can point out such an adventure where the pleasure is great to do this with me. Strong pressures in musicianship would be a requirement.

What’s your outlook on the record industry today? Where do you see Metal Music going in the future? What’s the difference between the time of the 80’s and now?

♦Magnus Rosén: Not an easy question to answer, but I think music will find new ways in this business. When the internet released the music so free, then the possibility changed the income of albums. But a big change is happening right now. I myself think more and more that companies/industry may use more of artists who symbolize their brands. And that way, new ways of income will come. Concerts will then have the ultimate product location. The album comes more like an article to the feel of the experience of the music and the message. With excitement, I follow this development.

– What more can fans expect from the band – new videos, gigs? Will you attend some of the big festivals later this year? When can we hear Shadowside live in the UK?

♦Magnus Rosén: Right now, the new album “Shades of Humanity” is released, so it’s time to see what people think and want from us. If the response is very positive, the band will be faster on larger scenes. For my part, the musicianship is primarily about concerts and the magic that occurs there. But as I said first a good album that people like. I hope it will be in 2017, and festivals are always fun.

– Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview! Your message to all the Rock & Metal heads around the globe…?

♦Magnus Rosén: Be proud of who you are, and do not be afraid to be different. Peace, Love, and Understanding!

Band Members
Dani Nolden (vocals)
Raphael Mattos (guitars)
Magnus Rosén (bass)
Fabio Buitvidas (drums)

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Interviewed by Toni Rock