BEN GRANFELT – ”My Soul To You”!

BEN GRANFELT convinces on “My Soul To You” with fresh Blues Rock from the bottom of his heart.

Powerful lyrics, captivating melodies and strong guitar themes establish the foundations of BEN GRANFELT’s new album “My Soul To You”. The Finnish doyen of the electric guitar delivers a fresh sound that comes from the bottom of his heart. BEN GRANFELT proves once more throughout the entire playing time with his precise guitar work that he is able to create special moments with string and voice that remain in your memory.

His Melodic Rock with a Blues note is characterized by his outstanding feeling for tempo and atmosphere. Together with his long-time companion Masa Maijanen and producer Okko Laru on bass and drums, he manages to remain true to his own sound while advancing his personal development. In addition, regular listeners will be spoiled with guest singers for the first time.

Whether his extensive sounds, rocking rhythms or first-class blues solos, BEN GRANFELT succeeds to strike the right note. “My Soul To You” will be released on 22.06.2018 through A1 Records, distributed by Soulfood.

BEN GRANFELT can already call himself an institution in Rock music for a long time. He has been on the road as a professional guitarist for more than 34 years and has not only worked through numerous stations but has also celebrated plenty of international successes!

From the Gringos Locos to the Guitar Slingers, to the big breakthrough with the Leningrad Cowboys. With the latter, he has celebrated huge successes as a mastermind and lead guitarist in over 20 countries with their crazy genre mix. From 2001 to 2005 he also plucked the strings in Andy Powell‘s legendary Wishbone Ash. With the Los Bastardos Finlandeses he released three more interesting albums.

Casually, he has released 15 solo albums out of the 36 albums in which he has been involved so far, of which “My Soul To You” is now the 16th. That he still isn’t fed up after all these years and is constantly improving says it all! On this new album, he also extended his usual equipment from Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul by a Duesenberg, Gretsch and Paoletti each and thus found further ingredients for his hearty and slightly modified sound.

The first track “Weight Of The World” is in some way tasty, too. BEN GRANFELT leaves space and time for his guitar to his pessimistic, hopeless lyrics without falling into inertia. Furthermore, the significant drumming stands out here, which manifests a successful entry. “Life, Living And You” acts directly as an antipole to the first track. In a stomping rhythm, the Finnish musician from Helsinki articulates his desire to break out with someone and to escape from all frustrating aspects of everyday life.

Further highlights are certainly the songs with guest musicians: BEN GRANFELT’s wife Jasmine Wynants-Granfelt sings on the joint PJ Harvey cover “This Is Love”, which sounds quite like ZZ Top and is easy to sing along, while Wishbone Ash guitarist Muddy Manninen handles the lap steel guitar. Furthermore, Bryn Jones with his smoky voice lends a filthy mood to the lyrics of “My Heroine”.

Some of the following songs are rockier, others remind of pure blues. In the remarkable instrumental track “Sunrise” the subtle songwriter captures the mood of sunrise in its patient beauty. BEN GRANFELT is like a good wine that gets better and better as it ages and will show this live again on his tour in autumn.

On “My Soul To You” BEN GRANFELT once again confirms that he is still evolving, even on the high standards he has set for himself. His surgically precise guitar playing, which at the same time takes plenty of time and space for atmosphere, coupled with his fine voice, is real ear candy, which will definitely earn him appreciation.

Ben Granfelt: Gesang, Gitarre
Masa Maijanen: Bass
Okko Laru: Schlagzeug

Tracklist “My Soul To You“:
01. Weight Of The World
02. Life, Living And You
03. This Is Love
04. My Soul To You
05. A Better Place
06. Fuel To Burn
07. My Heroine
08. Tough Love
09. Mind Your Head And Watch Your Step
10. Sunrise

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