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Good news for everyone, who can’t wait to hear songs from GLORYFUL’s upcoming album “Cult Of Sedna” live!

GLORYUL will join Brainstorm’s “Midnight Ghost Tour 2019” along with Mob Rules in January/February 2019! All confirmed dates are available below!

GLORYFUL recently revealed the cover artwork, tracklist and release date of their upcoming album. The first digital single “The Hunt” will be released on December 4th.

GLORYFUL’s new album “Cult Of Sedna” will be released on January 18, 2019, and will available as CD, limited vinyl LP, stream & download. You can already pre-order the album – HERE!

GLORYFUL – Cult Of Sedna
01. Cult Of Sedna
02. The Oath
03. Brothers In Arms
04. Void Of Tomorrow
05. The Hunt
06. True ‘Til Death
07. When The Union Calls On Me
08. Desert Stranger
09. My Sacrifice

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Serrabulho – “Porntugal ( Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy)”!

Portuguese farmers Serrabulho will release their third album “Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy)”, in December, 15th via Rotten Roll Rex.

Porntugal features a wide variety of guest appearances. Besides the bagpipe, Ricardo Santos also plays rabel (similar to an archaic violin and descended from the medieval rebec), tarota (a Catalan wind instrument, that belongs to the Oboes family), adufe (a Portuguese square drum), Galician tambourine and vieiras (scallop shells).

Manuel Meirinhos [Galandum Galundaina, Trasgo] contributes with additional vocals, sampling and bagpipe. Freaky, the crazy chihuahua barks (a lot) on the song Os Tintins do Tintin. Also, additional vocals throughout the CD were provided by Susana Lima and Hugo Picamilho [PadariaGang].

Some field recordings captured in...

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KILLER BEE – “VICTORIOUS” – New Single Out Today!



Killer Bee is one of those bands whose music and charisma permanently overwhelms our emotions by taking us into the magic of Rock.

Their unique style is a variety of influences and authenticity, well combined with amazing melodies, great reefs and killing vocals. This mixture of creativity, music shades and talent is the “trademark” of Killer Bee!

The Swedish-Canadian rock band is formed in the 1990s by the two main songwriters Anders “LA” Rönnblom (Bass) and Brian “Bee” Frank (Vocal), and at present time the rest members of the band are: Shawn Duncan (Drums), Pelle Karlsson (Keys) and André Hägglund (Guitar).

Killer Bee has a lot of tours and ...

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After having toured Europe for more than 15 years with The Carburators, Stian Krogh is back with his own band: PAIN CITY.
With an “In Your Face” approach, the music from Pain City creates an urge to see the band live and to draw your air guitar as fast as you can as you go throughout the tracklist. With their roots on the heavy metal genre, the band travels through a variety of styles, including a defiant pop-like attitude.
Now, all that Pain City wants is to find their own voices and style and start their journey.

Next album is already in the making and will be released on March 2019. The first single from this album will be released on November 2018 on a limited edition, numbered, coloured 7″ vinyl with three different colour editions...

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Goatwhore: ‘A Haunting Curse’ LP Re-Issue Now Available via Metal Blade Records!

On December 14th, Goatwhore will release A Haunting Curse LP re-issue via Metal Blade Records! See below for an overview of versions that are available in the USA; pre-order your copy now HERE!

A Haunting Curse LP re-issue (USA versions):
–root beer vinyl (limited to 500 copies)
butter cream vinyl (limited to 250 copies)
brown/white split vinyl (limited to 250 copies)

Goatwhore continues to tour in support of Vengeful Ascension, released last June via Metal Blade Records. Their seventh full-length – captured at Earth Analog with a longtime soundman and comrade Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Gruesome, Wolvhammer) – serves as the band’s highest charting album to date and continues to reap the praise of fans and critics alike...

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