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The Raz – ‘The Raz’ – New Album Out Feb 9th!

The Raz is a 4-piece Rock band out of Columbia SC. The band is composed of 4 individuals from 4 different decades who love music, and more importantly, love to play music together. As The Raz, they bring their diverse backgrounds together and make it into what they like to call Raz-N-Roll.

With Nick Meehan on Guitar, David Scott McBee on Vocals, Adam Shealy on Drums and Dale Raszewski (“Raz”) on Bass.

The Raz was formed in the spring of 2016 by Raz and Nick Meehan when they met at Guitar Center in Columbia, SC where Raz was working. They got together at Nick’s house, jammed, and wrote 2 songs that first night. Soon after they recruited another Guitar Center employee by the name Andrew Bowers to play drums...

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Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf – ‘Shadow In The Well’ (Single)!

Past praise for Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf:
I cannot stress how nice it was to hear some no-nonsense, Traditional Doom that’s been stripped away of the polish and melodrama that a lot of other bands do.

Nothing sounds fake or processed in the slightest and that makes me a happy (unhappy?) doom

Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf return with their new single “Shadow In The Well”. The band which features Tommy Stewart of Hallow’s Eve and Eric Vogt of Armed Chaos is a departure from the old-school thrash style that both musicians are known for. Instead of speed metal riffs, listeners can expect slow atmospheric doom similar in style to Pagan Altar and Candlemass.

The song can be streamed at this location!

“Shadow In The Well” will be featured on the band’s next album which is projecte...

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Legendary British band, The Damned have released a video today for new single, ‘ Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow’ taken from their new album scheduled for release on Search And Destroy / Spinefarm Records on April 13th. Their first new album in a decade.

The single is “an optimistic song even though it is about a dark subject, in a world obsessed by ‘self’,” explains legendary frontman Dave Vanian, who also directed the video. “This is a cry for humanity to recognize its humanity before it’s too late. There is a strong influence of Joe Meek here: ‘Telstar’ was a glorious song about the opportunities of the future. I’d like to think that ‘SOTEOT’ reflects a similar sentiment.”

To accompany this up-to-the-minute garage psychedelia that gallops like Scott Walker’s...

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NOMANS LAND Release New Single!

The Russian melodic Viking metal band NOMANS LAND has released a new song, entitled “Valkyrie”, today! 

The song is also available for purchase as a digital single and is available on various streaming platforms.

NOMANS LAND – Valkyrie (Digital Single):

20.-21.07.2018 DE Buchenbach – Sportplatz (Boarstream Open Air)
23.-25.08.2018 DE Crispendorf – Wolfszeit Festival

Nomans Land is one of the most considerable groups of Russian metal scene. Having gathered to the high-grade team in 1998 the group defined a genre for itself in which it is interesting to work. It is Viking Metal with Folk melodies.

The band made a good impression by its originality from the first performances...

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BEYOND THE STX Reveal ‘Stiigma’ Album Details, Video Teaser for ‘Danse Macabre’ Posted!

French metal hardcore band, BEYOND THE STYX, will release their new album ‘Stiigma‘, on February 23rd via Klonosphere/Season of Mist Distribution & Diorama Records.

Stiigma‘ was recorded in August 2017 at DOME Studio by David Potvin, in Avrillé, France. Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Nick Jett (Terror, Backtrack, Lionheart) & BEYOND THE STYX.

Art direction, illustrations & design by AMMO. Guest vocals on “Neoblivion” by Paul Marie, on “King S” by Romain Vée and on “Lightmare” by Sylvain Tardiveau.

BEYOND THE STX have released a video teaser for the upcoming music video ‘Danse Macabre’, which can be viewed – HERE!

STIIGMA” tracklisting:
I. Neoblivion [feat. Paul M.]
II. Poison IV
III. paranØmmunation
IV. Decima
V. King S. [feat. Rom V.]
VI. Danse macabre

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