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COSMIC WOOL – ‘Cosmic Wool’ – New Album!

Cosmic Wool, from the heartland of America, Oklahoma City to be exact, formed in late 2013 by brothers Nevada and Rado Romo (both formerly with Nuclear Blast artists Anti-Mortem and Nevada currently also a member of Texas Hippie Coalition) along with John “Drew” Williams, who they met through mutual friends. The line-up was completed by Tom Frizzell on drums after he answered an ad posted on social media.

Starting life as a jam band during breaks in the Romo’s touring schedule, the band soon took a front seat after the dissipation of Anti Mortem in late 2014.

The brothers left the metal world, with the company of Drew and Tom and toned things down with the release of Cosmic Wool’s debut three-song maxi single / Ep, ‘Over Your Eyes,’ even going so far as to introduce electronics and keyboar...

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American Dog – ‘Unfinished Business’ – New Album!

Ohio’s very own American Dog, big in France, a merchandising juggernaut, visionaries of self-reliance and all-American, workin’ hard, playin’ hard independence. All of that is a little true, but one thing’s for sure, see them live and you’ll wind up red, white, black and blue.

Seriously though, after the blistering authentic blue metal of Salty Dog and Hilljack, big things were expected from cackling witch of a bassist Michael Hannon, now singing and wisecracking with a caustic power that was able to slice through his own competing Lemmy-mad bass attack.

Expectations were fully filled like a cheap warm pitcher of PBR, and American Dog was born to pick of the litter, secret weapon being superhero axeman Steve Theado, basically Joe Perry and Slash wrassling with all the Skynyrd alu...

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DRIVE-BY BUKKAKE Releases New Album ‘Crucial Loads’ via Limited Edition Vinyl!

BOSTON, MA – Friday, November 17, 2017 – The vulgar New England thrash band DRIVE-BY BUKKAKE released their new album ‘Crucial Loads’ today exclusively via limited edition vinyl (available at This ‘Crucial Loads’ vinyl is limited to 100 copies and comes with MP3s, but is NOT available on any digital streaming services at this time.

About the vinyl exclusive release, DRIVE-BY BUKKAKE vocalist Brian Thompson commented:
“Most people in 2017 just stream new albums on Spotify, but the art of buying a physical vinyl record is getting lost in the shuffle. So we wanted to put a focus back on physical media for our new album ‘Crucial Loads’. If you want to hear this album, buy the vinyl. The artwork is ridiculous, it sounds killer, and it just feels right...

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MABEL GREER’S TOYSHOP to Release New Album “THE SECRET” on 8th December Featuring Guitar Legend Peter Banks!

Prog rock pioneers, Mabel Greer’s Toyshop (for without Mabel Greer, there would be no YES), are to release a new album The Secret on 8th December.

On this album, Peter Banks (former YES guitarist) can be heard playing a guitar duo with Mabel Greer’s founder, guitarist, and vocalist, Clive Bayley for the first time in 50 years. Clive has written a new song around guitar parts recorded by Peter Banks, who passed away in 2013. This song is a tribute to Banks and Chris Squire who both joined the band in September 1967.

Bayley explains,
“I was inspired to do this because Peter’s passing in 2013 was the catalyst for meeting Bob Hagger (drummer with Mabel Greer’s Toyshop) again and coming up with the crazy idea of re-forming Mabel Greer...

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Grimtone – ‘Memento Mori’ – New Album!

Swedish black metal band GRIMTONE has just signed a worldwide record deal with Extreme Metal Music for the release of the upcoming debut album “Memento Mori”!

The band features Michael Lang, already a member of the doom metal band Stonegriff, and Linus Carlstedt, member of Nebulous Aura and Extermination.

GRIMTONE was founded in 2016 when Michael felt a need to write black metal music, took up his guitar and wrote a few songs. GRIMTONE, as the moniker suggests, is pure black metal at its best, with a grim, hars and cold shade within and all around.

Influenced by the Norwegian black metal scene, GRIMTONE‘s main topic is mostly about death as well as the transition from life.

The debut album “Memento Mori” will be released worldwide by Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records on December 8,...

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