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Haema Release Debut EP, ‘Insurrection’, Via Sliptrick Records!

Haema are an industrial-influenced experimental groove metal four-piece based in Northamptonshire, UK. Recently, the band has signed to a metal label, Sliptrick Records, who have just released the quartet’s debut EP, ‘Insurrection’, which was recorded at Initiate Audio & Media by Neil Hudson (Krysthla/Gutworm).

Formed in 2015, Haema encapsulates the essence of modern metal that likes to combine various styles of heavy music together. The four-piece hones in the heaviness and ferocity of groove metal, providing the crunchiest of hooks.

This is balanced out by the infectiously catchy hooks reminiscent of the nu metal scene in the early 2000s. All the while topped off by the layer of electronic sounds and machine gun like precision found in industrial.

Think if Fear Factory, American Head Cha...

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HEIDEVOLK – Release First Details Of Upcoming Album! Title, Artwork, Track Listing & Release Date Unveiled! Pre-Orders Available Now!

HEIDEVOLK are the true definition of Pagan Metal Brotherhood. These Dutchmen hold up the flag for intelligent and perfectly balanced Pagan Folk Metal like no other.

It’s time to unveil the info on their brand new release and an upcoming masterpiece from HEIDEVOLK. Please welcome “Vuur van Verzet” – set to be released on January 12th, 2018.

Marvelous riff power, bombastic ensembles and folkloric tunes make up the amazing album that is “Vuur van Verzet”.

The band states:
“Friends, we are excited to announce our long-awaited new album “Vuur van Verzet” (“Fire of Resistance”). An album that catapults you to a battlefield where a failing Roman empire is retreating and Germanic tribes are on the rise to claim back what is theirs...

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Megadeth bassist David Ellefson will return to his hometown of Jackson, MN, Saturday, November 18th for a special end of the year/birthday celebration at Kat’s Hog Heaven, the newest Ellefson Coffee Co retail location.

Located at 608 2nd St, Kat’s is the pride of Jackson, serving a full BBQ dining menu, and now serving, and a retail outlet for Ellefson Coffee Co. coffee and merchandise. Additionally, Kat’s will be displaying various memorabilia from Ellefson’s MUSEUM OF DETH, featuring memorabilia from Ellefson’s life and career.

Also appearing will be legendary rocker RON KEEL, who with his RON KEEL BAND has signed a deal with EMP OUTLAW, the new Southern Rock/Outlaw Country imprint of Ellefson’s EMP LABEL GROUP...

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Barbara Black – ‘Ad Libitum’ – New Album!

Bárbara Black is a Spanish singer and songwriter who has been chosen several times in the Rockferendum of the magazine “La Heavy” (2013 and 2014) and in the Referegun 2014 of the Metalegun website, as one of the best female voices on the Spanish musical scene.

In February 2016 she began her solo singing career releasing her EP “Spiritual Rock” where it merges gospel with rock, blues, and country. She published two videos: “Shiva” reaching 50,000 reproductions in only a few weeks and “Southern Soul” with more than 33,000.

In November 2016 Rock FM, the most prestigious Spanish Radio Station with the biggest rock audience, choose her like one of the main voices for the Tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen WE WILL ROCK YOU, in the venue La Riviera of Madrid (2...

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UK Punk/Emo Group KidBrother Release New Single ‘Moon’!

UK punk/emo rockers KidBrother release their new single/video for ‘Moon’ (SaySomething Records), with the single release show set for November 07 at London’s The Monarch.

Purchase/listen here:
A highly personal song, ‘Moon’ showcases the band at their most vibrant and honest. KidBrother comment:

“There was something unusual about ‘MOON’ when it was written, the lyrics and music fell out of our hands and formed a little too easily. It was in a period where everything I was writing was just nonsensical garbage, to the point that I wondered why I was even bothering at all.

That was until I was sent the work of a very dear friend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in a long while, her work was so fluid and dynamic, so desperately honest it made my whole-body ache, l...

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