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FALLEN ANGEL – Come To Where The Angels Have Fallen!

fallen a“Crawling out of hell” was released in 2010 by the band independently and has sold 2000 copies.

There are some more fans out there so we decided to sign the band and to re-release the album.

This is a fantastic heavy metal album with an US-American charakter. Because the sceond album “Cast Out of Heaven” is planned for 2014 now all fans worldwide are able to enjoy the debut album.

Check out the new CD and novel entitled “Fallen Angel – Crawling Out Of Hell!”



Crawling Out Of Hell CD, 30.05.2014



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EDGE OF THORNS With New Album!



“INSOMNIA” is the title of their new and third album. One hour of heavy metal, powerful, with melody!

David Brixius seasons the twelve songs with killer leads, catchy, feelingly, brilliant!

Guest singer for the metal hymn “Metal unity” is Ralf Scheepers(ex-GAMMA RAY, PRIMAL FEAR) who does a super job!

A video was done for thisone as well. EDGE OF THORNS having a sound that grasps of contemporary developments and at the same level with other major players of the style!

Awesome work with great results!


For fans of: RAGE / GAMMA RAY

Insomnia CD, 04.04.2014


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DRAGON’S KISS – Southern European Heavy Metal Massacre!

yesssDragon´s Kiss it is a new project from Hugo Conim (Dawnrider, Sons Of Misfortune,Leather Synn,etc…) along with Adam Neal (Hookers,Brothers Of Conquest,Blade Of The Ripper, etc…) and a few more invited musicians as Rafael Maia (V12) Pedro Pita and Paulo Vieira!

DRAGON’S KISS do the unpolished way of heavy metal. Snotty, rough and with high energy the songs sparkle out of the speakers. They are looking back at the seventies and eighties and so their own blend of catchy stunners originate. 

Two cover versions were taken on the album: „Somewhere up in the mountains“, originally by the NWOBHM-band MARQUIS DE SADE and „Rock’n’Roll Soldiers“ by THE NEW ORDER, the band of Ron Asheton (STOOGES). 

A band like MOTORHEAD enthralled countless metal fans in the past. DRAGON’S KIS...

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WINGER – ‘Better Days Comin’ – New Music Video!

PromoImageWINGER have unveiled a new music video – the title track from their Billboard chart breaking album ‘Better Days Comin’, released earlier this year via Frontiers Records.

Watch it here :

This new video follows an extensive 2014 worldwide tour, including UK / European dates in May and June.
Winger’s main stage performance at Download Festival saw bassist Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan) join the band on stage for a live rendition of Winger fan favourite ‘Madalaine’.

“Suddenly the guitars ring loud and clear and true, and Stone Cold Killer sounds like the day’s first big moment. Headed For A Heartbreak feels even bigger” – Metal Hammer Magazine
“This is a band who refuse to merely glide on past glories…Winger push their own boundaries” – Classic Rock Ma...

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X-EMPIRE…The Best To Do Is Increase The Volume And Enjoy The Sound!

001The project was born in 2012 brainchild of two musicians/producers, Michel Marcos (owner of M&H Studio) and Rogério Oliveira (owner of Flight Studio).

Initially the idea was to work together to show the production level of both studios regarding heavy music. The result was the single “Fallen” with appearances of Raphael Jorge (Heptah) on drums and Diego Blumer on bass. Guitars and additional vocals were on account of Rogério himself and lead vocals by Michel.

Due to good results, what was supposed to be just a single demonstration turned into a project and later a solid band that was named X-EMPIRE.

With the planning done, X-Empire entered the stage of defining the line-up for the recording of the songs for the EP “End Of Times”: Michel Marcos (Vocals), Rogério Oliveira (guitars and back...

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