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CHAINFIST will release their second full-lenght album “Scarred“!

ChainfistBand2014-600x393Danish metallers CHAINFIST will release their second full-lenght album “Scarred“, on October 6 worldwide via Mighty Music/Target Group.

The album contains 11 tracks, produced by Michael Hansen at Phon Studio and mixed/mastered by Jacob Hansen (Primal Fear, Volbeat, Anubis Gate, Pretty Maids) at Hansen Studios. 

Undoubtedly “The Big Four” has been a great inspiration for CHAINFIST, but at the same time the band is incorporating new school heavy metal elements and gripping vocal melodies to make their unique touch on the genre, with bands like Mercenary, Volbeat and Disturbed as references.

Jacob Hansen sought a dirty sound, but yet with a mainstream appeal, which was fitting for the old-school riffing’s, powerful leads and melodic vocals that was pivotal for thi...

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Glenn Danzig’s Lawsuit Against the Misfits Thrown Out of Court!

Glenn-Danzig-Jerry-OnlyGlenn Danzig has been unsuccessful in his attempt to reclaim some of the Misfits PROFITS he felt he had been owed. The rocker filed suit against bassist Jerry Only and the band this spring, alleging that he had been denied some of the group’s merchandising money.

Danzig claimed that he’d created the band’s “Fiend Skull” character and that he was “the creative heart” of the original band, therefore he was entitled to a Share of the income. But Only offered that the suit was “sour grapes,” and he filed suit to have the case dismissed.

Judge Gary Klausner ruled on the termination of the suit, finding in favor of Only...

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Nikki Sixx Calls Out Gene Simmons Over Comments on Depression!

nikkisixxgenesimmonsfull_638Nikki Sixx has slammed  KISS bassist Gene Simmons for suggesting that people who suffer from depression should kill themselves.

There’s little doubt that Gene Simmons has made some bold statements in his day, and a number of them definitely raise a few eyebrows. But it’s some recent comments that Simmons made in an interview with that have caught the attention of Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M.‘s Nikki Sixx.

In the interview that Simmons gave, he was asked if he still got along with the original members of KISS. This led to him eventually speak about drug addicts, alcoholics and those with depression. Simmons stated, “I don’t get along with anybody who’s a DRUG ADDICT and has a dark cloud over the head and sees themselves as a victim...

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Machine Head Announce New Album And Late UK Tour!

machine-head-new-lineupMachine Head Announce New Album Bloodstone & Diamonds and Huge Late 2014 UK Tour!

Sometimes with certain bands bits of news are like London Buses.

Nothing for ages then two come along at once and that’s exactly what Oakland’s favorite metal residents Machine Head have done with two huge announcements.

The band have named their highly anticipated forthcoming new album as “Bloodstone & Diamonds”. The album is due for release before the end of 2014 on their new home of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, a branch of the legendary metal record label Nuclear Blast Records...

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AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ Usage in ‘Varsity Blues’ Cost $500,000!

640x392_37009_228349Putting a song in a movie is a huge deal, often being mutually beneficial to both the film and the artist, but at times, there’s some pretty significant money changing hands to make such deals happen. How much?

Variety‘s Artisans series recently sat down with a number of music supervisors to discuss stories about music placement where a rather surprising factoid about AC/DC came up.

In the video posted above, Thomas Golubic, who has done music placement for shows such as ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead,’ reveals that the biggest deal he’s ever bartered was for AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ in the film ‘Varsity Blues.’

‘Thunderstruck’ was licensed to the film for a massive $500,000. “I remember being absolutely horrified when I heard that number,” Golubic recalls...

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