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International Metallers EXORCISM Signed a Contract With German BOOKINGagent EAM Agentur!

ExorcismHeayRockMetal-600x399International metallers EXORCISM just signed a contract with German based BOOKINGagent EAM Agentur!

They will add the new outfit to their LIST of agents and have them act as the main Agency. The company also has several offices in Italy, USA, CANADA, SOUTH AMERICA, MEXIKO, UK and Austria.

Singer Csaba Zvekan comments on this joint venture: “I am excited and have a great gut feeling about all this.The company is new and fresh and gives everybody a clean start. Totally looking FORWARD to work with these guys and gals. Let’s get them all Exorcised! ”

EXORCISM recently released they critically acclaimed debut album “I AM GOD” that was released earlier this year. A video with the single “Higher” was also released just this month, wich was featured on KrankTV.


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Swedish AOR outfit HOUSTON will release their fourth album “Relaunch II“!

Houston2014-600x366Swedish AOR outfit HOUSTON will release their fourth album, “Relaunch II“, on September 8th worldwide via Livewire/Cargo Records. HOUSTON released today the brand new lyric video for the song “Our Love“, the song featuring guests from Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx, Casablanca & Reach. ‘Relaunch II’ is the follow up to ‘Relaunch’ that was released in 2011 and featured the song ‘Runaway’ that was included in Danny MacAskills Imaginate video from Redbull, The video has an amazing 20 million views and counting.

‘Relaunch II’ consists 6 cover songs of John Farnham, John O’Banion, One Republic, Rick Springfield, Florida Georgia Line, Lady Gaga and 4 brand new songs from the band.

“The band has gone through some changes, we have a new line-up and we want this album to show ...

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AC/DC Recording New Album!

acdcAC/DC have finished recording their latest studio album! 

Unfortunately, due to guitarist Malcolm Young‘s current health issues, the legendary axe man was unable to contribute. Despite this, Stevie Young (Malcolm’s nephew) was recruited to fill the void, laying down guitar work that singer Brian Johnson labelled as “magnificent.”

AC/DC’s follow-up to 2008′s ‘Black Ice’ will be the newest release in the legendary band’s storied career, and will be the first album that AC/DC has ever released without Malcolm Young’s playing.

Brian Johnson: “It was brilliant over there.”… “We’re done. I’m very excited and we’ve got some great songs.”…“I wanted to call the album Man Down.” the singer reveals. “But it’s a bit negative and it was probably just straight from the heart...

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METALLICA’s ”Tallica Parking Lot” Animated Film!

metallica_2_1_newsthumb“Tallica Parking Lot”, an animated film created by METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo and Titmouse Animation Studio, will be screened on July 25, 2014 at San Diego Comic-Con International, a multigenre Entertainment and comic convention held annually in San Diego, California.

“Tallica Parking Lot” was premiered at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas on September 25, 2013. The soundtrack to the film has “big, energetic beats as the animations panned through 2D and 3D views of the fans that pre-game at METALLICA shows,” according to HitFix.

Trujillo: “I wrote most of the music for it, but METALLICA frontman James Hetfield had a heavy hand in helping me finish it.” “It’s an original music score by METALLICA...

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TEMPLE VELOCITY EP – “Murder Of Crows”!

tThis EP is a collection of personal experiences that washed over them…good and bad. Part of a bigger puzzle called “life” and each song is like a small window, little postcard frozen in time, photo of music captured in the moment…

This EP is Temple’s first official release and this is emotional journey from the childhood until now…

6 songs:  Emotion Distortion, .Alice,  Giving Up,  I Can’t Hear The Whisper In The Rain,  I Will Fight For You, Wicked Games.

“Emotion Distortion” – is a trip into the dark world of insecurities…everyday reality and fear of social interactions…

“Alice”- is a cry out to all the people who fought the battle with their demons and lost their

life as a consequence. It’s a song about real person who once were full of life and ready to


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