CAST THE STONE (feat. Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation and Scour members) Detail New EP “Empyrean Atrophy”!

US-based death/black metal band CAST THE STONE, comprising original members Mark Kloeppel ( Misery Index, Scour), Derek Engemann (ex- Cattle Decapitation, Scour), Jesse Schobel ( Legend, ex- Scour) and vocalist Andy Huskey, will re-emerge on August 31st with their new EP on Agonia Records.

The band’s new EP, titled “Empyrean Atrophy”, is pictured below, and features cover artwork by Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Designs ( Primordial, Kreator, Napalm Death).

First formations of CAST THE STONE began in 2002, long before its protagonists departed for their better known metal-scene mainstays, including death metal bands Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation, and Scour with Phil Anselmo on vocals...

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BEN GRANFELT – „My Soul To You“!

Finnish Blues and guitar legend BEN GRANFELT with new album “My Soul To You” on tour throughout Europe

The Finnish doyen on the electric guitar BEN GRANFELT announces his 16th solo album with “My Soul To You” and proves once again his position as an exceptional musician with his huge wealth of experience, paired with virtuosic guitar playing skills. His Melodic Rock has many Blues elements and stands out due to his extraordinary feeling for tempo and atmosphere.

On his new album, his wife Jasmine Wynants-Granfelt also appears for the first time, together they sing PJ Harvey’s “This Is Love”. He also pays tribute to his Wishbone Ash past with Muddy Manninen having a lap steel guitar guest contribution in this song.

The former Leningrad Cowboys mastermind also gets support from...

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Artikon – ‘Evolution’ – New Album!

Artikon is a progressive metal quintet from Bulgaria that combines dark metal riffs with symphonic elements. Blending progressive metal, symphonic music, Bulgarian ethno elements, Artikon stands alone creating a something dramatic, dark and beautiful.

Compositions are a highly dynamic mixture of aggressive heaviness, soaring violin melodies, progressive instrumentation and majestic orchestral sound. Vocal melodies are complex but catchy. Lyrics address fear, oppression, pain and isolation in society.

Artikon is founded in March 2012 by Mirela Valentis (violin) and Galin Ivanov (vocals/guitars) as an instrumental project. Shortly after they compose their first orchestral piece Evolution, Pt.1 (Creation)...

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HEPTAEDIUM Premiere New Album a Day Before General Release!

Tech metal artist Heptaedium is streaming his new album The Great Herald of Misery one day early (released 25.05 on Apathia Records).

ItDjents say of the album:
‘The Great Herald of Misery is a consistently brutal and invigorating piece of work, influenced by the best electronically-produced metal of our age and delivered with no less proficiency. Once again Heptaedium stands proudly alongside its peers, and its directional change is a nicely timed refresher.’

Pre-order the album – HERE!

Heptaedium is a musical solo project born in 2012, mixing components of Meshuggah, Igorrr, The Algorithm, Dragon Ball Z and video game music.

Having released 3 LPs (Monochronic Visual Interface, Kawaii!!, How Long Shall I Suffer Now?) and an EP (Underground Business), the band signed to Apathia Records l...

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SERPENT LORD – “The Lesser Key”!

Serpent Lord is a new heavy metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. They were formed on January 2016 by George Savvage (guitars/vocals), Konstantinos Sotirelis (bass/back vocals) and George Terzitanos (lead guitar/back vocals).

On 13th of May 2017, at their show with Omen, the band released their first demo, which includes the songs “Sacrilegium” and “Blood Offering”. The band has sold 150 copies of the demo and gained very good reviews from webzines and magazines around the world.

The recordings were done at Infected Studios (summer 2017-winter 2018) with George Infected (Mass Infection) as a producer, who also produced, mixed and mastered the debut album.

Now, after a line-up change, the band is searching for a label, to release its debut album, called “Towards The Damned”...

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