Nebelhorn – ‘Urgewalt’ – New Album!

Nebelhorn is a Viking Black Metal project from Germany, lead by one man by the name of Wieland, that always sang about Viking related events and their mythology. The latest full-length, ‘Urgewalt’, follows that line with an alignment structured in a timeline, and it takes you away to a different time and a different place.

‘Urgewalt’ is a quite diverse album, which includes several genres meticulously intertwined with each other, such as Folk/Pagan/Viking/Black Metal, and is definitely worth checking out!

‘Auf Bifrösts Rücken’ – it has a great sense of melody whilst whipping up the aggressive sides of black metal. All the musical elements and the vocals blend together quite well and make for an incredibly enjoyable first track...

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Frayle – ‘The White Witch’ (EP)!

Self-released digitally just over 1 month ago, beneath the overcast skies of Cleveland, FRAYLE have been turning a lot of heads with their unique approach to DOOM.

Describing themselves as “Heavy, Low, & Witchy” and claiming to “create music for the night sky”, FRAYLE are a female-fronted doom / witch-rock band that draw their inspiration from seminal acts such as Sleep, Portishead, Beastwars, Blonde Redhead, Kyuss, Massive Attack, Down, and Chelsea Wolfe… FRAYLE exists at the intersection of doom and dream pop.

Gwyn’s voice is like a gentle ethereal breeze blanketed by the lunar light of a full moon. It blends all too naturally with the heavy droning guitars and thundering layer created by the drums and bass...

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New PledgeMusic Campaign Started For Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock’s “An Alien Heat” Album!

The new Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock album is an adaptation of the Michael Moorcock novel “An Alien Heat.” It is the first Spirits Burning album to feature Michael Moorcock, and the first with Albert Bouchard as one of the main collaborators.

Michael Moorcock is an English writer, primarily of science fiction, fantasy, and literary novels. He is best known for his novels about Elric, and two stints as the editor of New Worlds Magazine. As a musician, he fronts Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix, and has collaborated with Hawkwind, Blue Öyster Cult, Robert Calvert and Spirits Burning.

Don Falcone is an American producer, musician (keyboards, bass, and vocals), and captain of Spirits Burning...

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NOX VORAGO’s Guitarist Tommy Mattsson Endorsed by Schecter Guitars!

Atmospheric Death/Black metallers NOX VORAGO are pleased to announce that their guitarist, Tommy Mattsson, has inked an endorsement deal with the Schecter Guitars, representing his new Schecter Guitars Apocalypse C-7!

Tommy stated:
“I’m looking forward to incorporating my new Schecter guitar in the next chapter of Nox Vorago. The Apocalypse is a perfect match, both sound wise and visually!”

Schecter Guitars adds:
Welcome Tommy Mattsson of Swedish band Nox Vorago with his Apocalypse C-7!

Get more information on Schecter Guitars – HERE!

As previously announced, NOX VORAGO will join DARK FUNERAL, ELECTRIC WIZARD and NAGLFAR in Japan this June. See the shows and details below.

June 15th – Tokyo – Kichijoji Club Seata w/ELECTRIC WIZARD
June 16th – Tokyo – Shimokitazawa Garden w/ DARK FUNERA...

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Japanese Prog Ensemble Yuka & Chronoship Announce the Release of Their New Album SHIP!

Yuka & Chronoship was formed in 2009 by Yuka Funakoshi (a rare female prog rock artist in the world) and three experienced session musicians (Shun Taguchi, Takashi Miyazawa, and Ikko Tanaka).

The band’s previous album received critical acclaim worldwide and was helped establish the band as an intriguing discovery for fans of the progressive rock genre.

The first seven songs of the band’s new album SHIP are a suite based on the Greek mythology “ARGO”. The opening song “Tears of the Figurehead” is sung by special guest singer Sonja Kristina of Curved Air.

Band member Shun Taguchi said: The last song “Did You Find A Star?” was originally planned to sung by John Wetton, but he passed away from cancer and at first we planned not to include it on the album. However, although unfortun...

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