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Interview: Curtis McKinney Talks About ‘Cranked Up Live’ and Rock Into Spring Fest 2017!

13Curtis McKinney started in radio at age 17 when a local country station asked him to cut voice overs. That led to bigger opportunities such as announcing Monster Truck Rallies and occasional ‘Live’ remote from a local business. At any given time, you can hear spots created by Curtis on practically all of his local market radio stations, movie theaters, and television stations. His voice and personality have become one of the most requested in his area and with ‘Cranked Up Live’ getting bigger than ever, things are not slowing down.

‘Cranked Up Live’ is a syndicated weekly 3 hour hard rock radio show and 1 hour hard rock video show hosted by Curtis McKinney and Brad Hennington...

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Interview with Andi Schnitzer & Jim Muller from Kissin’ Dynamite!

mg_858610 Years, 5 Friends, 1 Band… Germany’s Kissin’ Dynamite was founded in 2007 and is one of the most energetic, active and professional groups of the current scene. The five young talented rock ‘Dynamites’ are Hannes Braun, Ande Braun, Jim Müller, Andi Schnitzer and Steffen Haile.

Their debut album, Steel of Swabia, was released in 2008, followed by Addicted to Metal in 2010, which charted at number 91 and featured a guest appearance by former Accept frontman Udo Dirkschneider. The band’s third album, Money, Sex & Power, was released in 2012 and entered the charts at number 50. Two years later delivered their first Top 20 album, ’Megalomania’, which entered the album chart in Germany on #17! 2016 sees Kissin’ Dynamite more confident than ever before and the German rockers ar...

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Interview with Velvet Insane!

,,,,,,,Velvet Insane are a Swedish Rock band, formed in 2013 by guitarist Jesper Lindgren. A new and fresh style of music with influences from 70s rock and 80’s glam, Velvet Insane are trying to make it big with their special stage presence, strong vocals and great guitar riffs.

In April 2014 the band entered ESTA studios in Stockholm to record their first EP, which was released on May 16 that year. Shortly after this release, the band recruited two new members Tobias Reimbertsson (drums) and Niklas Henriksson (bass) to complete the band line-up. 

With a new line-up and a new lease of life, Velvet Insane once again made the trip to Stockholm to record their official debut EP “Youth on Fire” which was released worldwide on October 25th, 2014.

The release of “Youth on Fire” sparked an enormous int...

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Interview with Veil Of Delusions!

1453208337-block-51Veil of Delusions is a Dutch symphonic metal band, founded in 2010, by guitarists Martin Vos and Xander ten Boden.

The band headed by Zoë Tilly and musically represented by inspired instrumentalists is ready to deliver a diverse range of songs that contain influences from many bands with styles from symphonic to melodic death metal. 

Veil Of Delusion are: Zoë Tilly – Lead Vocals, Martin Vos – Guitars/Grunts, Xander Ten Boden – Guitars, Jeffrey Wennekes – Bass Guitar, Rob Reijs – Drums

The band’s debut full-length album ‘Echoes of Dawn’ was released on 16th Sept 2016. The album is filled with furious metal riffs, great vocals, melodies and pounding drums, which takes you through a world of emotions and myths.

Veil Of Delusions have played numerous shows across Europe, including app...

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Messiah’s Kiss: Interview with Wayne Banks!

Messiahs KissFormed in 2001, Messiah’s Kiss is a truly international metal band, hailing from Dinslaken, Nottingham and New York. The band plays powerful heavy metal with great vocals and killer guitar solos, producing a solid, professional sound.

From their 2002 NWOBHM inspired debut album “Prayer for the dying” to the ‘anthemic 2004 release “Metal”, through to 2007’s double-bass drum fuelled “Dragonheart”, Messiah’s Kiss continue to push the boundaries.

“Get Your Bulls Out” is their fourth album, following a hiatus between 2007 and 2014, mostly due to the health issues of several members including the main songwriter guitarist Georg Kraft, and the vocalist Mike Tirelli’s battle with stage 3 stomach cancer. The band has returned invigorated, fresh and revitalised.

With talented musicians like Mike...

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