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ANDREW BOSS – ‘Invincible’!

Andrew_W_Boss_CDBaby_CoverDepending upon what circles you travel in, rap metal tends to get a lot of flack. Often opined as unmelodic, unimaginative, nonsensical and angst ridden by the general public, Salt Lake City’s Andrew W. Boss is here to change that view of the genre.

Weaned on a musical diet of Metallica, Korn, Tupac, Beastie Boys, Mudvayne and the like, Boss began to enjoy bands and musicians that were different and special, willing to experiment outside of mainstream artists and sounds. Boss first got the musician bug when he went to his brother’s concert in downtown Salt Lake City. He was 10 years old and tiny and the band had him wear a shirt that said “Head of Security.”

Andrew began recording in 2003, trading studio time for weed, and has completed half a dozen albums to date, both solo projects a...

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THE INTERBEING Announce New Album ‘Among the Amorphous’ out June 23rd and Sign With Long Branch Records!

13573cdf-7395-4cc3-8ec3-d9d72a396b09Danish tech metal powerhouse The Interbeing are set to release their new album Among The Amorphous, six years from their acclaimed debut album Edge of the Obscure.

Signing to German label Long Branch Records, the long-awaited new album is due 23.06.17.

The result of inspiring hard work and ambition, the second album is the result of gritted perfectionism from the band. An album that lifts the bar in regards of storytelling and songwriting in the world of technical metal, the songs have a sinister David Lynch feel crossed with polyrhythmic Meshuggah-inspired sonances.

The Interbeing plunges into a futuristic music journey in which Dara Corcoran’s constant shifting between growls, whispering, chanting and grand melodies makes this album one of the most ambitious releases in Danish metal in m...

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METALFIER – A Beast Of Power, Space And Spirit!

16174692_10154418800012569_6885360393943282115_nOld is gold – that is true indeed. Take the The Old Continent for example. Everything you see, hear and touch is precious history, a touch of Eternity. With every breath you take you inhale the spirit of the ages… But now, sharpen your feelings and prepare yourself for a real old school Metal journey into the shadows of New York City.

METALFIER – a beast of power, progressing in time, space and spirit. The year of birth was 2007, the place – NYC, and the father of this metal ‘beast’ – the guitars/vocals and main songwriter Andrew Janda.

Composed of members who come from all over the world and bring in their own tastes/styles and perspectives into the mix. The band has a very original and easily recognizable sound...

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Europe_30thIn 1986 Europe released their album ‘The Final Countdown’, and the album went on to worldwide success and continues to be a mainstay in playlists all over the world. 2016 sees this iconic album turn 30 years old.

To celebrate that special anniversary, the band will be staging a series of very special concerts. For the first time ever, these shows will feature ‘The Final Countdown’ album played in its entirety. The band will also be performing hits spanning their musical career.

While always venturing forward, Europe have had a great couple of years...

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Walkway – “Mission Impossible” – Music Video!

12239527_10153766477956052_8287585129951467218_nWALKWAY have just released their brand new music video for single “Mission Impossible”.
Having recorded the single last summer, the band recruited students from West Anglia College at the end of 2015 to take on the challenge of shooting an Official Music Video for the track.

“We were suggested to get some students on board and see what they could come up with for the track” said lead singer Chris Ready. “Obviously giving them the power enabled us to get a video which is current and what is classed as cool to the modern day student. We’re really happy with the outcome and are sure people are going to enjoy the finished product”.

Official Music Video “Mission Impossible” :

Released on Wednesday night via the bands social media...

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