Book Review: The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard by Sarah Tipper!

51pcr8qserl-_sx260_The Very Metal Diary of Cleo Howard it’s a book full of mentions of metal bands like Megadeth, Manowar, Metallica, Bolt Thrower, Exodus, Slayer, Type O Negative and many, many more. It is full of the fun of growing up loving metal in Reading, England.

It’s the life of Cleo Howard, aged 15-16, as she deals with all that life throws at her in terms of life, love, school and the pursuit of heavy metal.

The year is 1997. Cleo Howard is at a very awkward age, she’s sure she’s an adult, so why won’t everyone realise this? Why won’t her chest realise this? Why is Maths so hard? When will she stop feeling sad that her Dad doesn’t live with her and her Mum?

Music and men are her twin fascinations and she thanks Almighty Lemmy for metal and mates...

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CHRIST AGONY Joins ALPHA OMEGA Management, To Release “Legacy” in November!

acc89091-471c-4959-b2bb-44b7046dfa0bPolish Legends CHRIST AGONY – formed in 1990 – established since the beginning the leading edge of black metal scene and genre.

The band’s debut full-length album “Unholyunion” was released in 1993, which became one of the most original and significant recordings in the world of black metal.

November 18th 2016, marks the return of Cezar & CHRIST AGONY in all their glory! The album, entitled “Legacy” (via Witching Hour Productions) contains seven hymns summoning the old days, the atmosphere of the band’s first three albums.

With Daray (Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, Hunter) behind the drums “Legacy” delivers crushing and excellent piece of black metal. The album was recorded in Studio 666 in Morag under the watchful eye (and ear) of Michal Grabowski...

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Progressive Alternative Dark Rockers LUCID FLY Announce Debut LP And Stream Lyric Video!

09df7f65-419c-46ef-8425-52f1e9a7f7a4US progressive dark rockers outfit LUCID FLY are delighted to announce their debut LP Building Castles In Air, scheduled for release November 11th.

Breathing fresh air into the world of prog, Lucid Fly are an irresistible mixture of prog rock, alternative and dark rock. As suitable for fans of A Perfect Circle as Riverside, TesseracT or Dead Letter Circus, the band’s new album was self-produced and mixed by the legendary Forrester Savell ( Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool, Twelve Foot Ninja).

Singer Nikki Layne and guitarist, Doug Mecca say, “We wanted the music to tell the story, through more than just the words...

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Through Lucid Eyes Premieres ‘Fleeting Moments’!

14716360_1202151666494816_7656171381537783743_nAfter a year of silence Through Lucid Eyes is back with a vengeance and a brand new track, “Fleeting Moments”, taken off of their debut album via Famined Records, Transient, scheduled to be released this Dec. 9 worldwide that is now premiering at Prog Sphere.

Following the release of their last single during Summer 2015, titled “Echoes” and a previous self-titled EP featuring the likes of ERRA’s Jesse Cash and Breakdown Of Sanity’s very own Carlo Knöpfel , the band has huddled up in the studio to work on a brand new piece of art that’s bound to leave a mark in the Metal community.

Mixed and Mastered by Julian Rodriguez at Parallel Focus Studios in California, and fully written and produced by the band, their newest effort consist of five pack-a-punch tracks that will get stuck in the list...

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SKULLWINX (Epic Speed Metal) – ‘The Relic’ – New Album!

skullwinx_thGerman Epic Speed Metal newcomers SKULLWINX hit hard with their second album “The Relic”.

The band is faster, stronger and more epic than ever before. The perfectionism, diverse but still catchy songwriting, combined with the high-class production of the Grotesque Studios makes “The Relic” become one of the most anticipated albums of 2016.

This time SKULLWINX presents themselves more mature than on their 2014 debut full-length release “The Missions Of Heracles”, they developed but still kept their unique sound.

“The Relic” is again a concept based album, this time about historic tales and legends from mid-Europe, plus the title-track which describes the name SKULLWINX...

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